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Dominick · 7/19/2013

A little slow...

Benjamin · 10/12/2014

I like it for the most part...but it's inaccurate on a lot of titles being available. Also the links to rotten tomatoes and IMDB always takes you to the wrong title. I also read recently that Netflix will soon stop reporting titles to third parties for available titles with the exception of this app/website and one or two others. I hope the bugs are fixed before we really need to rely on this one for current streaming info. Tons of potential, but unreliable for the most part.

Robert · 9/11/2014

Please add a way for us to login and stream movies we've added to our collection <ahem, VUDU>.

Jonathan · 5/22/2014

A useful app but buggy. Lots of 'Not Found' errors for me. Update plz!

Arik · 11/30/2013

This app is simple in what it does but quite useful. Our family streams movies through Netflix, Amazon and Verizon Fios. Additionally we frequent Redbox. Knowing who has what movies and for how much is quite useful.

Miguel E · 11/8/2013

This little app rocks the house! Just what I needed! I've wasted a lotta time Googling movies! Keep up with the updates, a blanket reminder option would be great. UPDATE: On 11/7/13, not getting any reminders/notifications about the movies I've been waiting for. For instance, "Flight" with Denzel Washington is already on Netflix and I never got a reminder. Please fix it!

Lee · 5/27/2013

Love the site, but the app is slow and klunky. It definitely needs some work.

Ulises · 4/18/2013

Nice App to look up Streaming Movies! I'm giving five stars because it does what it says it does and oes it well. However, I wish it would add the option to view trailers. I don't care about opening the particular app eg, Netflix, Vudu, Amazon etc. But I would like to see trailers. Thanks for a Great App 👍

william · 3/14/2013

One of the most useful application I have on my 920 to watch something, use it all the time. Between this remembereel and TVshows all I need is more streaming services and I wouldn't have what's on.

Jerry · 3/3/2013

This app has helped me find a ton of movies for my kids to watch. I love it!


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