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Jill · 8/11/2015
Does absolutely nothing

I have an app from cannon on my Samsung tablet, does everything it should, lets me access my printer and scan, email etc.. This app does nothing. Just gets you a link to support, and what size ink your printer uses.

Gillian · 8/14/2015

I LIKE THAT THERE IS A LINK TO THE PRINTER INKS AND SUPPORT PAGE. I don't like that that's all there is. I expected to see options to install drivers for the fax and driver options for the scanner. That was my expectation. It clearly is not being met. There should be links to user manuals as well. This looks like it has been thrown together by a 2 year old. Definitely needs a lot of improvement.

Reyes · 8/22/2015
Canon Utility

This app makes network printing so easy, you should try.

Karen · 8/26/2015
Does Not Stay Connect in Windows 10

A glitch in the system makes me constantly connect the printer when I want to print. Needs to be fixed in Windows 10 update

Shane Johnson · 8/15/2015
More Useless Software from Canon

Love the printer's printing capabilities, but the software, including this app is so redundant and useless. Definitely a bummer.

Paul · 8/16/2015
Does Nothing

Just gives a link to the website and lists the ink to buy.

Kurt · 7/21/2015
Not Helpful

It provides nothing - only links to buy ink and link to cannon support site.

Bill · 7/31/2015
What's the Point?

I've got an MX712. This auto-downloaded one day. I checked it out just now and I don't understand the point of the app. All I have is a box that links me to the support website. Do I really need an app just for that?

Brian · 8/26/2015
Cryptic and useless

Does nothing but tell me "a driver supported by this software is not installed," with a link to the support web page. Drivers ARE installed, so what's missing?

Justin · 8/23/2015
Yep... does nothing.

Just like everybody else says, this app is nothing but some links to web sites. The lack of screenshots or other information on the app store here really shows how useless it is.


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