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Chris · 8/13/2015
Lock screen

Just make the option to not lock more clearly defined. Great app.

Cane · 8/1/2015

Works great! Love being able to set up destinations. Wish I could choose default nav app. Other than the app does exactly what it says and does it well.

Benjamin · 8/15/2015

Awesome app!! Only thing i wish it had a pandora app tile.

charles · 8/10/2015

Great app. Use it all the time

Michael · 8/5/2015

All features are locked, and open ones wont configure to home/work locations

Rory · 6/21/2015

Useful, but needs to allow more choices from installed apps for app buttons. Also a security issue with lock screen not being activated sometimes.

Rolando · 7/31/2015

Keep getting error messages.

Martin · 8/25/2014

App is free and in the Store description are features like NFC. But you must activate these features by the in-app purchasing... Support for Bluetooth OBD-II connector would be great.

Lucas · 6/1/2015

Great idea, wonderful layout, terrible execution. Works with very limited apps, most of which are junk. Doesn't pass street address with locations, just city, state and zip. Music apps limited to Nokia's and Xbox music. Hope they can get their stuff together and get this thing working.

Ray · 6/2/2015

It seems to work well enough so far, and with the capabilities it has available. I wish there was a way to edit what the 4 main buttons are linked to, and for it to allow the destinations to be edited more easily.


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Version 4.0.4: - Small update after a long break. More to come soon! Version 4.0: - Custom Themes Version 3.7.2: - Improvements to FM Radio Tuner - Music Player now maintains Shuffle state - Bug Fixes Version 3.7: - FM Radio Tuner Version 3.6: - Speedometer and Compass Version 3.5.2: - Bug Fixes Version 3.5.1: - Added Skype to app shortcuts Version 3.5: - Enhanced Album details page - Voice2Mail added to app shortcuts Version 3.4.3: - Camera Lens added to app shortcuts Version 3.4.1: - Haptic Feedback Version 3.4: - Portuguese Translations - Music Player artist details view Version 3.3: - Option to set destination through contacts - Updated about page with @CarDashWP Version 3.2: - Added option to place phone call through contacts book - Improved text input to support/feedback page Version 3.1: - Windows Phone 8.1 Support - CoPilot added to App Shortcuts Version 3.0: - Music Swipe Commands! - Swipe left/right for previous/next song - Tap to pause/play current song - New Bluetooth triggered lock screen mode - Weather UI Improvements - Other UI Improvements and Bug Fixes