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Joe · 8/7/2015

My wife has the key ring cards because she uses them way more than me. Now if I want to use one I just use my phone, they simply scan the screen and it works. Only one place that the number doesn't make a barcode on the screen, rei I think. Good app. The only way to make it better would be able to scan in your cards...

Rick · 8/6/2015

No scanner

George · 12/11/2014

None of my scanned cards work.

Steve · 5/31/2015

Useful, but pretty pointless if you get a new phone or have to reset your current one, you lose all of your card data. Needs the ability to save this info to cloud storage.

Dennis · 6/12/2015

The app needs a serious upgrade. Some cards have alpha numeric figures but the app may only allow you to input numeric. It should be upgraded to allow the user to toggle back and forth between the two for EVERY merchant. Because their database is not current.

Thomas · 6/8/2015

This is a must have app! If you do a lot of shopping at stores with discount card programs and don't like having to remember to bring the right one, or are just tired of having too many discount cards in your wallet or on your key ring, then this is for you!

Mike · 1/18/2015

I hate carrying my wallet and I hate having my I.D. Visible to the nosey punk behind me in line. This app relieves me from having to carry or open my wallet when at my favorite stores. The cashiers thinks it's pretty dang cool,too. Perfect for a person who constantly carries their phone and has a store reward card. Just enter the name of the store and put in your member number.DONE. Awesome!!!!

James · 12/12/2014

I wish this app ran off of some type of cloud storage (like OneDrive) so I wouldn't have to reenter my info everytime I changed phones. Other than that, it's great!

Lorenzo · 7/16/2014

Used to be the best, but new app StoCard lets me scan some cards and it integrates with wallet.

Nitin · 4/7/2014

Needs to sync with the online backup. Switched from Android and now I have to enter the data again.


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