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Chris · 9/17/2013

This is a good start for US BANK but we customers need access to checking and savings accounts also. The web site for windows phone works ok but the user has to constantly resize the window. A good app is much needed for windows phone so please add to this!!

User · 9/3/2013

This app for my windows phone is terrible! When I had my LG Android I could manage every account I held at US bank, including paying my bills. Now all I can do from this pitiful app is check the balance on my credit card. Big deal!! Thanks, US bank, for nothing!

Trace · 8/13/2013

Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other large banks have banking apps for Windows Phone. This points to a lack of customer service on US Bank's part. Please get us the banking app that Android and iOS users are privy to (and even BlackBerry, who has a smaller market share than Windows). Windows OS users matter just as much as other users do.

Gregory · 5/23/2013

US Bank still fails to give us a proper account management app, this is not as they say, "All of us, serving you."

Chad · 5/3/2013

Please create a full service US Bank app. It can't be too difficult to add full access when the major part of the work has been done already with the creation of this limited service app. You are alienating your customers by denying us the services offered to those with Droid and iOS.

Patrick · 3/10/2013

Please release the app we all want which you have made for other platforms. Thank you.

Alex · 3/10/2013

Please make the app that can manage the bank acct. My patience is wearing thin. Will consider chase or boa soon..

Shawn · 3/7/2013

Garbage. How about a real app to manage accounts like Bank of America and Chase have? Again Garbage.

Pradnyesh · 2/18/2013

Wish this app at least allowed to chose cashback categories.. But its a nice start.. Please release a mobile banking app too.

anoop · 2/18/2013

Please also get mobile banking. 5 * app then.


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