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Justin · 5/9/2015

Can't input info to register account. This needs to be fixed asap. Based on other reviews this has been a problem for a while.

Kevin · 11/3/2014

Registration text boxes are not focusable, so I can't use it to register.

Taryn · 6/16/2014

Great app but it took over a month for it to sync all of my data. Still not able to connect my HSA info tho.

Diego · 1/15/2014

Looks like previous issues were resolved. Awesome how you can see where and how your HSA money being spent and how easy to find doctors is. Recommended.

Henriette · 12/13/2013

Nice layout. Good idea. Too bad that the information is not up to date at all and that you can not update your basic information like your card number... Unless this changes, pretty useless.

Lucas · 2/26/2013

App design overall is nice. -1 star for having to type my password EVERY time. -1 star for the past care history being 4 months out of date. Would also be nice to see current bills and to pay them using the app.

J · 2/19/2013

Can't open without registering. Can't register because UI bug renders inputs off the screen. Unusable app.

Jim · 2/1/2013

Handy app - at least it would be if it was convenient to use. Requires password entry every time, which means compromising security of web access by using a simple one, or just too much effort to log on. Please take a cue from better banking sites and allow (complex) password caching backed up with PIN entry when starting the app - at least for phones that are password protected.

Patrick · 8/30/2014

Handy, but it would be VERY helpful to keep me logged in or gave me a pin option, the password requirements are so complex I cannot recall it!

Nayna · 6/20/2014



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What's New in Version v3.1.0 1. Added support for new quality data on the search results page and provider detail page 2. Upgraded Care team page with alerts for expensive providers and providers that may be out of network, more detailed information on Other benefits, and a quick way for you to easily remove providers from your team 3. Enhanced the look of the insurance eCard and added support for a dental eCard for users with Castlight Dental