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jerry · 3/19/2015


Denise · 3/15/2015

Love it

Jackson · 10/13/2014

Far better than any ESPN app.

Dan · 5/13/2015

The reason I give it two stars is pretty simple. Most of the articles posted in your app show up as "null" when opened and you can't read the article. Prior to the 8.1 update this did not happen. I think its a travesty that this now happens. More and more of your articles are posted from other sites and just have links in your app. Absolute **.

Tony · 6/27/2015

This is garbage! 95% of the most interesting looking news stories are null and can't be viewed. Uninstalling the App.

Chris · 5/5/2015

Most articles won't open, but at least it's an easy way to check scores (doesn't just open a mobile website like ESPN's WP app)

Douglas · 5/30/2015

Looks OK for some sports, not for golf. CBS is broadcasting the tourney and there is no leader board! Golf news trying to load for minutes. Don't need this app.

DAN · 3/22/2015

It does not appear that I can log into my CBS SPORTS NCAA Bracket Challenge contest via this app. 😒. My son-in-law can with the iPHONE app! Why no parity??

Michael · 3/16/2015

Crashes a lot. Oftentimes the article text is just some gibberish error message. Worst of all NO NCAA BRACKETS, and the CBS Sports Mobile website doesn't work right now either because it tells me to download their app.

Jared · 3/20/2015

This app used to be 5 stars. Now any article without a picture says only "null" when you open it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still doesn't work. I have a Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows 8.1


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