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Daniel · 7/28/2015
Was great. Not anymore

With five accounts with Chase this app was great, especially for deposits while far from a local branch. Now it's useless. Wake up Chase! I have no reason to keep my accounts with you anymore.

User · 8/15/2015

Time to drop chase

KyuWang · 8/8/2015

Used to be a great app but discontinued. Closed my Chase checking/savings accounts today.

Jesse · 8/21/2015
Chase sucks...switch banks to one that values you

Discontinuing support for windows phone!!! CHASE YOU SUCK! Will someone who writes mobile apps please make an app that auto emails and calls chase CEO about our frustration!

Jason · 7/6/2015

Good app..simple. But as of 3/22/2015, this app is no longer supported on Windows phone :(

Jon · 7/21/2015

Why the hell are you dropping support for Windows Phone!! The platform is growing and the app is very functional. Guessing Apple Pay and Google Wallet are too enticing for you to monetize. This may be final straw, having 8 accounts with Chase...im through.

Nick · 7/21/2015
Why Chase Why?

They removed support for the app, alienating at least a portion of their clients that they support. You are a financial institution, and these apps aren't so sophisticated you can't make this work. It just makes it look like you care much more about your bottom line than your customers and investors.

Brad · 4/8/2015

Chase stopped supporting this app.... No idea why. Way to stay behind the times, Chase.

Efrain · 4/3/2015

Works well, not that good looking but it gets the job done right. Too bad you no longer support Windows Phone Apps. I know I can you the browser mobile version but the quick deposit will be missed.

Kurt · 3/23/2015

Was a great way to keep using Chase even though I now live in a location that no physical branches exist. Now support has been pulled without notice and all you get is a message saying as of 3/22/15 the windows phone platform is no longer supported. I think Chase does not want to keep customers!


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External Transfers: Transfer funds between your Chase accounts and your accounts at other U.S. financial institutions