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Glory · 2/16/2014
Almost perfect

The best recipe collection app I have found, as I can add recipes from anywhere on the web! So useful. Plus a shopping list tool that allows you to consolidate, and a menu planner. All-in-one! However, you can't organize recipes into custom folders. The default is alphabetical. I prefer by course.

Tina · 6/1/2013
This app doesn't work with the share charm

Followed the instructions to use the share charm to import recipes but this app can not share. It doesn't do anything it is supposed to do. Great idea...if it worked!!!!

Arlo · 4/9/2013
Used to be great til they abandoned development.

This app used to be fantastic. They promised updates, they promised a windows phone version, none materialized. Now even basic functionality like sharing a recipe list with onenote is broken. Devs have abandoned this project. Too bad.

Reviewer 9203 · 2/19/2013

Does not let me share recipes after the second time I opened the app. Also it will not open anymore. I was excited, but now im uninstalling seeing it does not work. Trying PEPPERPLATE.

Robert · 2/12/2013

This app has great potential, but several bugs. I get "something went wrong" error almost half the time I try to add recipes. Editing recipes is awkward; I would suggest that the recipe title pop up in an edit box when adding, so a recipe like "the best meatball" can be edited to Meatball, allowing it to be sorted in "M" instead of "T." I also contacted support regarding the "something went wrong" error and no one contacted me.

William · 1/21/2013
Good, but needs flexibility

I will change this review if this changes. Adding your own recipes is an exercise in luck. 30% of the time, "something goes wrong," and if you try to check another area, or do so accidentally, all the text you've entered vanishes. Also, when you add ingredients, such as "3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped", it gets changed to "3 units eggs", which makes sense for the purposes of shopping, but really damages the recipe. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, DESIGNERS, PLEASE FIX THIS IN THE RECIPE SECTION.

Ivan · 12/19/2012

An excellent design for a cooking app. Let's you add your own recipes but I'm not quite sure how it works. A brief tutorial would be nice but out of most of the cooking apps on the store this is one of the best.

Zak · 12/17/2012

Chef lets me collect recipes from any site and view them in one place. It's also useful if you like to plan out meals in advance.

Ming · 11/30/2012
Off to a great start, more features coming

I'm a fan of Chef on Facebook /getchef. According to their latest Facebook post, more features like editing, printing, and the manual addition of recipes are coming in the next version. This app is in its infancy and I'm already in love. Looking forward to future versions!

Todd · 11/25/2012

Awesome.. I'm using it with the AllRecipes app - you can select any recipe and share with Chef, which puts it right into my library there. I think even my mother could handle that..



  • Save recipes from popular culinary websites via the Share Charm.
  • Create menus and plan future meals using saved recipes.
  • Generate and share consolidated shopping lists.
  • Roam recipes, menus, and shopping lists across Windows 8 devices.

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Version notes

Enabled inline editing of recipes, enhanced custom recipe importer, added flipviews to make picking the right recipe photo easier, added ability to share recipes via email, and addressed a couple of bugs. We hope you enjoy these updates, more to come in the future! Please email support@cheftheapp.com with any questions, comments, or feature requests.

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