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Lance · 2/22/2015

This app has a well organized process of finding out all the basic information of the element. Good for anyone in a basic chem class.

Noah · 8/27/2013
awesome app

this app is the perfect app for high school. It gives all the information on the element when you click on it plus the latin name witch makes it easier to memorize because all the short forms for the elements are latin. Ag is silver but you wouldn't understand why until you found out that the latin is argentum. really recommend this app.

Luis · 5/2/2013
Great app!

So much better than the other Periodic table apps on the store. First of all, it has no ads, and secondly, it's just plain beautiful. Only thing I would suggest is the ability to view only the table (fullscreen -- without the "Overview" / "More Info" tab at all times). Either way, amazing app! I'll definitely be using this for AP Chemistry! :)

Chuong · 4/17/2013
Just awesome!

Lots of analysis, charts, way better than any android app version on my tablet.

Cameron · 2/27/2013
Simply Amazing

This is probably the best periodic table app I have seen. It has all the information on every element, put into one easy to use, beautiful, and well coded app. Thank you so much!

Hien · 2/4/2013
Nice App

Only thing is that the Analysis menu should be more noticeable to touch. I also want to be able to pinch for zoom.

Tyler · 1/15/2013

I can find all about the elements of the periodic table. It is very clean and has no ads! Amazing and this person has done a Great Job!

Rick · 3/15/2015
Correctness not guaranteed?

I wish had known that before I wasted my data downloading this Wikipedia level waste. If I have to double check the validity of the information in the app, of what use is it? I may as well just go ahead and find the information in a more reliable source and save myself the trouble.

Izyan · 11/24/2013
Useful, beautiful.

Great, always come in handy for me as a student.

Bahar Ali · 9/13/2013
d-Block & f-Block Error

Lu71 & Lr103 Should be Placed in Sub-Group III-B of Transition Elements (below Y39 Yttrium). Because they are d-Block Elements, having an Electronic Configuration of f14 d1 s2 . Both f & s Orbitals are complete but d is in the Process of Completion. As Lanthanides & Actinides are f-Block elements so both the series should have 14 elements. Not less or greater than 14. Lanthanide Series: La57 --- Yb70 Actinides Series: Ac89 --- No102 Thanks.



  • Periodic Table
  • Informations for all elements
  • Different analysis
  • Element names in different languages
  • Bar chart and pie chart
  • Molar Mass Calculator
  • Integrated search functionality

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New in version 2.0.0: - Switch to plattform of Windows 8.1 - Molar Mass Calculator - Bar chart and pie chart - Navigation between informations

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