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Ethan · 1/29/2014
Awesome app!!!

This app is great for displaying song/chords to you, and when in a worship setting us great to be able to transpose to different keys on the fly. Only reason I didn't give five stars is because it crashes every time I try to name a new setlist, so all of my sets are just New Set (1) and so on....... UPDATE: using slashes (/) in the name of set lists is what causes it to crash. Changed to just using periods in the dates (1.28.14) and works fine!

Austin · 8/13/2013

I trust this thing with my life. A little tricky to understand at first, but once you figure it out it becomes an essential and remarkable tool. I recommend to at least try it out!

David · 8/3/2013
Outstanding for a free application!!

I created a couple of songs in about 10 minutes. Interface is clean and very easy to navigate. the song editor needs spell check but other than that it is fantastic. I'm definitely going to purchase the Worship inc app, now.

Justin · 7/7/2013
Cumbersome, non-intuitive and a trial version

Just noting there is an in app purchase after 20 songs doesn't make it right. Should be posted as a trial version. not very intuitive, have to create a song before I can make a set. BACKWARDS! Other than that it's a good start. Desperately needs text formatting options!

Arnold · 2/12/2013
I Like It

This is a good app. You can pull up songs by search and find the chords in different keys very easily. Very nice!

Michael · 1/9/2013
Just What I Needed

I was just planning on using leadsheets on my Surface for church worship. This is way better than viewing pdfs or word docs. A few suggestions - hopefully we will be able to view leadsheets in portrait mode at some point. Also have not figured out what the online view is for when viewing files. Can only view local files, or import in online files to local. Update - the more I use this app the issues I find with it in regards to editing,and layout. Good idea, but needs a lot of work

Rob · 1/6/2013
Good But a Little Challenging

This app is very good for free. I have been using other apps like OnSong for iPad and Music Reader for Android. Both of those apps are a little more advanced in terms of what you get, but consider this is free. The downfall is copying and pasting from .pdf is not accurate and requires a lot of time to realign your chords.

Jono · 1/5/2013
Good promise, but ...

Many things to like, but some flaws. Sharp chords get switched to flats (e.g., F#m gets saved as Gbm, which is harder to read). It would be great to be able to share pieces with my wife. And it would be very helpful if this could import chordii files. Promising idea, but I'll wait until the many small annoyances get fixed before using this in any big way.

DarkGray · 12/20/2012
Great App

Parts I like: Online search for adding songs Easy to create songs and add chords Transposing is great Features that are missing: Ability to set/reset song's key Annotation capability (like drawing lines or something like that) Share charm capability (emailing or copying to other programs, etc.) Devices charm (printing) Ability to load or save songs/playlists to file system storage/network/SkyDrive/etc.

Mike · 12/15/2012
Shows promise

To be clear, this is essentially a trial version as to be able to save more than a few songs is only available for $7.99US via in-app purchase. On Surface RT the performance is rather poor... and I find the controls often don't register on the first touch. The editing controls are very limited. The ability to import songs from within the app is nice, but there is a very limited and curious selection of songs. I purchased the unlock and hope the developer enhances the app.



  • Add and edit your own songs
  • Find chord charts for popular songs
  • Transpose on demand
  • Store for offline personal use and take to gigs or practice
  • Build set lists of songs
  • Song printing

App details

Version notes - Windows 8.1 version - Fixed a bug where chord row was sometimes not displayed in recent update - Windows 8.1 version - Made some menus and options more accessible as people found the Windows menus hard to find - Added option for user to set manual text size rather than auto. In this mode a section menu is displayed to enable quick access to parts of a song - Added option for song foreground/background colors to be set so you can have black on white - ChordPro file format import (copy/paste or .cho file association) - Fixed networking issue with Windows 8.1 - Fixed various bug reports/crashes

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