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Reviewer 1507 · 6/19/2015
Dose Not Work

I've tried several times on different devices and wont let me register. Every time it tells me network connection is a problem. I know for a fact it is not and a total and complete problem with the program and not a user error as my husband is a software developer and says the same thing...If I could I would of given a big 0

george · 2/4/2014

its coo;

Aaron · 5/11/2014
Great idea

Needs cleaned up and I would definitely give a higher rating. My biggest problem with this app is the chore selection is object code instead of the pictures of the actual job, (meaning it does not work). Unfortunately it works best on the website. I also would give a higher rating if it were available on the android.

Carmen · 5/9/2014
Once were mules

My children dragged their daily chores even if I rewarded them daily. However, the minute I presented them ChoreMonster they began scrambling to complete them. I'm thankful this was created :D

Diana · 4/27/2014
awesome idea but....

the app should allow you to put 5 primary chores and then at least 5 more once a week type of chores; such as helping to wash the car, helping to cook dinner, vacuuming, or any other "not as often repeated" chore. I think that would help a lot! And it would be nice if there was a notice that you can only have 5 chores up, instead of finishing a list and then seeing that it is only going to post a selected five.

Kare · 2/28/2014
Wish I could have loved it

I loved this app, even though they want to charge $50 a year for the full version of it (robbery). They gave me a free month of monsters & carnival & of course my kids got hooked on it. We decided to let them earn the full app as a reward for chores. But then as my trial month came to an end, it kept throwing error messages, bugging out, shutting down & making it impossible to check off their chores. They've gone to bed more than a little disappointed the last few nights. I can't imagine sinking that much money into an app that can't function properly. As much as we did love Monsters, I'm looking else ware.

Denny · 2/7/2014
Great Fun app for Kids

Great way to get your kids involved in doing chores around the house. Kids get rewards, new monsters, and surprises.

Dan · 1/15/2014
really nice app

Really nice app but has some rough edges. There is an issue with spinning the wheel where multiple touches can be detected at once. Make sure to disable the touch input after the first touch is detected and the wheel is spinning. My kids has lost tickets because they were too eager and pressed multiple times. The app should pool the status updates so there is no need to go back and forth the tabs.

Ruth · 1/8/2014
Got them excited!

For the parents with questions of log in from App, it's for the kids not you. I think this will be great as long as they stay excited about it.

Shreedhar · 1/8/2014
Only for kids

The app currently only lets kids login. Parents cannot login using the windows store app. It will be nice feature to add soon (neutral rating till then). Otherwise a very useful app for parents and kids.



  • Kids earn points by completing their chores
  • Earn rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or a camping trip
  • Win monsters at the Monster Carnival (over 250 available, more being added monthly!)
  • Parents manage their children’s chores and the rewards they can earn
  • Takes the tension out of household chores

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Version notes

THEY'RE ALIVE: All of the collected monsters are animated. Just touch them and watch what fun things they do. WE'RE LISTENING: We've added tons of new features that you, the parents, have been requesting to make ChoreMonster even better for you and your family. Here are just a few of the features we've added: - more chore scheduling options (school days, weekends, it’s up to you) - unscheduled chores (chores for anytime, no specific schedule needed) - auto-approve chores (no need for you to always check to see if your kid did the chore) - point boosts (give your kids points for things done outside of ChoreMonster) BRAG A LITTLE: Now you can brag about your kid’s accomplishments in ChoreMonster. Tap on the Brag Bar in the app or on ChoreMonster.com. There you'll find a list of their successes. Simply click the success you wish to share, then choose if you wish to share it on Twitter or Facebook and hit BRAG. Now all your friends will know how great your kids are! REWARD YOUR KIDS THROUGH AMAZON: We've made rewarding your kids even better. Now you can add rewards directly from Amazon.com. Choose from bazillions of toys, books, video games, movies, dinnerware, book on quantum physics and more. The rewards will delivered quickly to your kids after they've earned them. We've designed ChoreMonster to get your kids even more excited about doing their chores. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we've enjoyed making it!

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