• Make Movies from your imported clips
  • Easily import, rearrange, edit and trim your clips using a touch interface
  • Upgrade to rotate or resize your exports and/or handle unlimited clips
  • Direct support for Nikon, Canon and other sources without conversion
  • Multiple timeline views and support for high-resolution devices as well as tablets
  • Save your project and reload at a later time
  • Power ful engine takes advantage of newest tablet technologies for gapless playback!

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Bug Fixes, Windows 8.1 release

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Frank · 5/4/2013
Simple and effective

This is a tool that you want to have ready to edit your clips removing unwanted frames before you upload your video to the clouds.

David · 2/16/2013

Good app

catfood2000 · 10/30/2012

Beautiful and elegant. Cinelab has done it again!

Asif · 2/28/2015
Works great

I had basic needs to cut and splice clips. This app does it good. I see on huge drawback and that is the exported clips are about 4 times the size of the original. I find that troublesome from space usage point of view but the exported clips are fine, as much as I can discern from a layperson point of view. I do find one feature greatly lacking and that is the inability to cut precisely where I want to. I can't select a frame where I can cut. Will need to look for another application to move on to. But as I said, from a basic usage perspective, I find this app to work just fine.

val · 5/14/2014

Really need to be able to import audio, and edit audio and video separately. that's bare minimum for me.

Zac · 4/22/2014
Not Bad, needs more

Honestly, this app isn't bad, BUT, it's not great either. I mean, I could see it being very useful for quick cutting / editing on your phone or tablet. However, as far as "editing" goes, you can really only choose a starting/ending point for your clips, you cannot edit stuff out of the middle/body of your clips. Also, there appears to be no transitions. On top of that, it will only let me add 7 clips, and then says I have to purchase the full app for $1.99 in order to add more clips! I DON'T BUY APPS. Sorry, this one is getting uninstalled.

Tim · 1/22/2014
Nice UI but oh the crashes!

I think this app has a great really simple UI, pretty intuitive. There's one feature I desperately want, which is the ability to play the bit of the video you are *cutting out*. But more critical than that is that this program crashes at the drop of a hat.

Justin · 1/6/2014

Cool and easy to use but keeps crashing..

Danny · 1/2/2014

Not able to stitch videos together and then SAVE them, so I think the description was misleading...

Andrew · 12/29/2013
Gets the job done.

I needed a app to cut off the beginning of a mp4 file and this does the job quick and simple. Suggestion would be to just allow a file to be saved without having to re-encode it or such. Should be simple thing to add.

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