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Brian · 8/13/2015

Update was done on 8/8/2015 that brought up the app splash screen and then closed the app. Today 8/13/2015 app was updated again and is now working perfectly again on WP 8.1. Thanks Citrix for listening and acting quickly.

Reviewer 4136 · 8/23/2015

You can't have it split screen to see your desktop and keep the window with Citrix the same size. It has two black screen bars on either side so the actually screen is a 1/3 of the size so incredibly small to work with when using two programs!!! Can't work like that!

stacia · 8/8/2015
Can't copy and paste

Doesn't interface well with Windows 8. I was hoping that would improve with Windows 10, but still no. They need to get w/ the times and make a more seamless interface. Perhaps this is a product of work computers maintaining windows 7, or even XP, but that will eventually change. There should be a method of translation that this app could do. Being able to copy something from my word document on my computer into an application on my citrix desktop is not possible at this time. Neither is the opposite. You can email something from the citrix desktop to your gmail and open it on an application in Windows 10, however... Why can't we make them all more compatible??

Reviewer 4710 · 7/30/2015
Wish it would run PPT and Word at the same time

I would love to be able to have PowerPoint and Word running simultaneously, but the app only allows one at a time. I routinely have multiple things open at work, but I am unable to have the same functionality when remoting into my work's server through this app. I can only use Word, then I have to save and close the app or I lose information until the previous use of the app times out. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Steven · 8/5/2015
Absolute Crap

Really Citrix? Clicking on any icon does NOTHING. Maybe you should get your stuff together and support all platforms, especially with people moving to Windows 10.

Warren · 8/12/2015
Still Cant copy and Paste

Really need to fix this before this app becomes at all useful.

Duncan · 8/14/2015

It wasn't great but it mostly worked...until they pushed an update and now it closes itself as soon as you launch it. Not really all that useful and kind of amazing that it was released this way.

Tavia · 7/1/2015

Needs 16 bit support. The IOS and Android versions has 16 bit support.

Reviewer 0026 · 7/17/2015

This Citrix app is extremely unreliable and missing so many controls. I love citrix app for Android. Citrix is knowingly ignoring this this platform I think which is very bad decision. Many people who use Microsoft tablet for productivity purpose and can't use citrix through this app at all and it does not make any difference to CITRIX. People are posting bad reviews for this app since day 1 but no updated version of bug fix. Nothing at all. CITRIX SHOULD REALLY BE ASHAMED FOR RELEASING SUCH A CRAPY PRODUCT

Ryan · 8/28/2015
Works Well on Windows 10

Works good so far on Windows 10, random disconnects every now and then.



  • Secure access to virtual desktops and enterprise apps
  • Work anywhere on any Windows 8 computer or tablet
  • Account configuration using your email address, a server URL, or a provisioning file
  • Use of multiple published apps at a time
  • Automatic keyboard display
  • Use of native controls for selecting an item from a list
  • Pan and zoom gestures
  • Windows 8 shortcuts
  • East Asian languages input
  • Option to save your password if allowed by server

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