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User · 7/29/2014

The app while interesting takes a long time to load and isn't very user friendly. If you are looking for information on a specific location google would probably be better since the app relies on latitude and longitude. The app does use a fair amount of data. It does have potential though.

Stephen · 7/18/2014

Interesting idea, but app doesn't really work well. No way to specify precise location, Fahrenheit temperature, or set map to current location.

Shakeel · 7/15/2014

Only shows Celsius. Does not show real time weather, just a map with average monthly temps.

Aamir · 7/12/2014

Very bad app by Microsoft. I can't understand its purpose. I have no option to set my location. Badly written badly designed. Please update it

Ventsyslav · 7/12/2014

This app is ridiculous. On startup shows me climate in another continent than I am now and 4 months away off current time. No controls to use location.

sanjay · 1/8/2015

Very Useful App. Keep it up Microsoft Research.

thiago · 10/10/2014

Was a nice app, but, after the splash screen it shows a black screen, after 1 or 2 minutes it open but keep slowly even if I reinstall. L820 with developer preview.

O · 8/28/2014

Best design ever...gorgeous,fun... but nobody will use it until you make it load a thousand times faster. Please put whoever designed the UI for this app in charge of approving all future Microsoft GUI design work.

Steven · 7/20/2014

I think this is an excellent idea for traveling. Fahrenheit would be nice, I'd also like to be able to scroll through months easier. When you get to December be able to go right to January as opposed to having to scroll all the way back. If you could select places and have this information displayed on a graph of monthly occurrence that would be fantastic also.

Giorg · 7/19/2014

Nice app. Enhanced usability and real time data would be a nice addition.


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