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Rob · 8/29/2014
Exactly what it says on the tin

Lets you share links to your clipboard. Extremely useful for sharing links from WinRT apps to desktop apps. Excellent work.

Ryan · 4/14/2014

A must have app for a Ventrilo user! Easily allows me to copy links to clipboard and paste into vent chat!

Tyler · 12/18/2013

You need all of the stars for this one. It does exactly what I want, which is: to let me send, say a URL, from the share charm, click the app, and copy the shared content which lets me paste where I want. Beautiful and simple. Perfect.

Mullen · 11/19/2013
This should be a built-in app for Windows 8

Really, every PC should have such app, that's one of some essential functions everyone want to use. I will give it 5 star if it can provide Clipboard preview feature and a better UI (I think the share dialog is just too wide).

Joel · 11/1/2013
Must have app, absolutely

I've always wondered why it wasn't easier to use the Share charm for sharing multiple things and aggregating them. This tool makes that possible, love it!

Jay · 6/24/2013
Simple, bur useful

I've been using this gem for months. It makes it easy to share with apps that don't support sharing (or copying) or more importantly don't handle sharing in a way that makes sense. For instance I daily copy bible verses from the YouVersion bible to EverNote. It is possible to share, but I want to place these verses in an existing document and have control where things fall. Clipboard is immensely useful for this task!

Brittney · 5/19/2013
Best app

Makes copying & pasting easy.

McAkins · 5/18/2013
Very nice App, use it a lot!

This is one of those gems in the Store you truly appreciate when you need them. As a blogger I usually need to share data between desktop apps and MX Apps. This app if the bridge for me. The only thing I miss is the fact that it can't receive a graphic share from apps like Skitch to be pasted to a desktop app like Windows Live Writer. Please fix Skitch integration. Thanks.

Saad · 3/26/2013
Exactly what I was looking for

A simple way to move stuff around using the Share charm, though it's pretty barebones.

Ryan · 12/30/2012
Glorified Copy and paste, redundant

This app doesn't do anything that can't be done with copy and paste as far as I can tell...accept in areas where the copy command can't be used and in those cases you can simply share to an app that can. I thought maybe it would allow me to copy multiple items and manage them on the clipboard, but it doesn't do that by itself. You can share multiple items to a note app as a work around but that is no different than copy and pasting to notepad. There is no gap with copy/paste between desktop/MUI.



  • Copying share data to your clipboard.
  • Sharing your clipboard contents with Windows Apps.

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- Added Hungarian language translation.

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