• Browse & listen to SoundCloud tracks
  • Share tracks with your contacts
  • Download tracks
  • Find any track or artist
  • Connect to your SoundCloud account. Also with your Facebook account!
  • Follow artists and flag tracks as your favorites
  • Access your personal dashboard
  • Discovering SoundCloud groups

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Version Notes

Version 73 Fixed the Follow button Version 72 The "Auto-play" option now means that once the track is finished, it will continue to the next one if "Auto-play" is on. There is a new option in Settings: "Open track page when a track is played" which correspond to the previous behaviour of "Auto-play". Your preferences has been saved. Fixed crashes on some search suggestions Version 71 Track downloads use better quality mp3, if available Updated Danish transations Version 70 Changed the behaviour of the search results. Selecting a track in the search results page now creates a temporary queue with all the search results Version 69 Fixed a reported crash when using track/user search and other minor issues

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Reviewer 0807 · 6/16/2015
Bad App, Decent Player

The app begins to feel wear and tear after searching and playing about ten songs, glitching and bugging out. Any big name music is hidden behind the paywall, so no Fall Out Boy, kids. The music player itself seems to not have many problems, but you can hardly get to the music you want in the first place. 1.78/10 coding. Only installed because Spotlite got removed, and was not impressed.

Reviewer 0630 · 6/15/2015
Money Hungry

Your app was the best soundcloud app for Windows 8, now i can only stream if I pay you for the app. I understand that you probably have invested money and that you have costs to cober, but charging for using a free service is insane. Plus i think you are violating sound clouds terms of use, no third party app can enable the download of songs. Overall you have a lost a user that appreciated your app very much.

Reviewer 1470 · 6/20/2015

This app is exactly what was expected as a perfect application from official soundcloud (which isn't! ) working well in foreground/background in win8 , well programmed, nice UI, good features. even better than soundcloud website! good job, Thanks

Amos · 10/23/2014
Good. Not Great.

The app works slowly and loads images extremely slow. confusing layout of tracks, and small font.

Myra · 7/5/2014
Can't delete songs

Make a little easier to use, plus delete songs, to clear space on phone

Tim · 6/10/2014

This app crashes constantly, the interface is effective but can be confusing.

Reviewer 7240 · 5/20/2015
Some Bugs are still around...

When you press a profile of an artist it sometimes loads for long time... and also sometimes it says some songs cannot be played until I upgrade to Pro, but then after it says it can be played. Kinda made me freak out for a sec. And not sure why it desn't allow me download songs that are even avaliable for free download on actual soundcloud full webpage...

Reviewer 4329 · 5/22/2015

awesomeness in every aspect . BUT..... needs to be cheaper because look lets be real no one has $9.99 for any app. if was less definitely would be 5 starts in my book PLEASE look into it. Especially for us college students

Keith · 4/27/2015
Best Soundcloud App for Windows Player Ever

I am glad that you are charging for this. This app has helped me become much more focused when it came time for me to build my business online. Thanks for making this a incredibly great and also forgetting that I was using a Windows app, at times.

Marlie · 7/29/2015

This is a waste of space on my windows. It hardly any of the songs available can be played. you can almost never chose the one song you want to play because the likelihood that the audio is compatible or whatever is low.

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