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Leo · 8/7/2015

I think this was once considered the golden standard for Google Music Windows Phone services... Now it is a mediocre joke unfortunately. The design and user interface are too similar to Xbox Music (this isn't a good thing by the way) and it creates several artist groups for featured artists on another artist's album. For example Nujabes ft. Shin 02 should not be a separate artist and it isn't on Google Play Music or other apps on WP Store. No clue why this app dipped so terribly in quality. From perhaps the best to the worst in a short time frame.

Steve · 8/25/2015

I have been using this app on my phone for a year. It does exactly what I needed! I love it! Excellent music app.

paul · 6/27/2015

Easy to use, works exactly like expected, great way to access android music app with Windows device.

Zachary · 6/18/2015

Hands down best music app on the market. I almost never buy apps bit this is the ONLY good google play music app. Even running dev preview its flawless for me on my 1020. I have over 15000 songs on GPM, and it loaded the entire list in under a minute when the app first ran. I've had no issues with caching songs, the UI works well and actually functions. Seriously, if you have a decent google music collection you NEED this app

Zachary · 8/6/2015

Finally something that works when you want it to work and it offers lock screen skip play pause!

Loren J. · 4/23/2015

The best of a limited crop. Not a lot of google music apps out there for windows phone, but this is the best of what is out there. I especially appreciate that the Dev doesn't beg users for a good review like the other contenders. This version is a huge speed improvement over past versions. Kudos for that. 4 stars because I think this app could use a little more visual style and flair. But It gets the job done. Also I don't see my thumbs up playlist anywhere. Would love to see that added.

Kahlil Gibron · 8/15/2015

Downloaded the app and it doesn't work. No music showing up on my phone. Tell me what I'm doing wrong or I'll ask for my 99 pennies back.

Luis · 6/2/2015

Dev is always responsive and diligent to push out updates when issues arise. This app may not be the prettiest google play app but it's the best and it actually does what it is supposed to do.

Queril · 4/6/2015

Plays music,sometimes don't, even on stable 3G. Search is library-only and it's useless for really using All-Access.

john · 4/7/2015

Tried another and that won me over with it's design, but here I am again. This app just works! It plays my music without stuttering


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Version notes

This will be the LAST version that will be WP8-based. The next version (currently in progress) will be a Windows 10 UAP app. All annoying issues will be fixed in that version. Follow the CloudMuzik subreddit (/r/CloudMuzik) or the FaceBook Page (http://www.facebook.com/CloudMuzikWP) for any updates/help/suggestions. Version 1.6.1 Features: * Another fix to the fix for the login issue IMPORTANT: If you have issues with songs completely not playing anymore, Go to the desktop Google Music website, click on the gear under your account picture and click on Settings. Go down to Manage My Devices and if you have 10 of them, remove one that you don't use. Also, if the update causes some weird issues that didn't exist before, clicking on the application bar and tapping logout and logging back in will work. Simple reinstall will be faster.