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Onsi · 7/14/2015

CNet is my favorite tech website, hands down. This app gets the basics right--you can read articles, reviews, and keep up to date on the latest tech news. However, it is not nearly on par with its iOS or Android counterparts--video quality is awful, in-text photographs are often excluded from the articles, and at times there are rendering problems. I hope these issues are resolved soon. Until then, I will continue to use some combination of the website and this app (because this app can't stand alone). Update: after the most recent update, this app gets 4 stars. It's still rough around the edges, but the functionality has drastically improved.

j · 4/29/2015

I'm admittedly a CNET power user and big fan. Unfortunately, the app doesn't let you copy a portion of text so can share a relevant quote along with the link. Also, unlike the mobile site, you can get one stream of all articles... Mobile site's latest news includes articles, videos, reviews... Hence 3 stars Glad to see they are still pushing updates in 2015.

Justin · 4/25/2015

This app looks great and is simple to use. The only real gripe I have is that when viewing product reviews with videos, the video is missing. I don't mean it's non playable, I mean you can't even see that there is supposed to be a video. That's disappointing because it tells me that they just didn't feel like putting that feature in. Overall 3 starts.

Barry · 4/9/2015
Great website, lousy Windows app

The number of articles that open incorrectly is amazing... for a tech site. I visit the website more than once daily. Would love to see the Modern app work better. 8 April 2015 update--I have grown so tired of the poor loading in this app that I am deleting it in favor of CNET's own website. Still like CNET, still think the Win 8.1 app is not nearly as good as it could be.

James · 6/10/2015

Sometimes links don't work. Review scores are always zero.

David · 2/17/2015
Recent improvements -- moving towards usability!

I've always been fascinated at how a technology "authority" could publish an app with such glaring bugs and inconsistencies. However, this is all-too-common in the Windows app world. I rarely if ever used the CNET app because graphics were missing, links didn't work, or the organization of the information was impossible to navigate. Within the last several days I've noticed a marked improvement that may entice me back. I see graphics appearing in the right places now, and it appears that some links may work now. I'm cautiously optimistic that CNET's app designers may pay attention to the Windows Universal app and create a really useful experience soon.

William · 3/17/2015

Keep up the great work! We really appreciate updates.

Martin · 2/8/2015
A wonderful app but full of bugs

The Cnet app is what a news app should look like, the layout is clean and very easy to follow with great flow. Unfortunately all too often when I load a story I get a blank page. As others have said the video quality is also much lower than I would expect without the option of fullscreen. To be honest there is a fullscreen option, but which selected the video merely goes to 3/4 screen. If they could fix these bugs it would be the app that it should be.

Joey · 2/9/2015

Article have become of little interest to me being a Microsoft and Windows Phone user. Plus you seem to dog on WP and Microsoft whenever you can. App tile does not update and no transparent tile.

Juan Carlos · 2/15/2015

Finally cnet finally!! Great work. I'm hoping for consistent updates and support. Two thumbs up! 2/15/2015 - I withdraw my previous comments above and now ask. Where are the updates? :( Lowering my score from 5 to 2

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