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Josh · 8/24/2015
Cant share....

I like the idea of the app but there are multiple things I wanted to share but I cant, there's no share button for anything. I'm betting they will add one in the future but until then its alright.

Supratim · 8/5/2015
Needs to be updated for windows 10

Video stops playing as soon as the app stops being active window. This was ok with windows 8 (which only showed app in full screen) but need to be updated for windows 10 as it can show multiple apps at a time. Also, needs full set of contents (compared to the webpage)

Aaron · 8/26/2015
No live video

Very bare bones app with no CNNGo live video for cable satellite subscribers. Not very useful.

David · 6/20/2015
Mostly good but....

(update 6\20) performance is fine on Surface 3. Site needs overhaul current content not very rich or varied. (Update 11\03) the only videos that do not play are in the Top and Latest story section.....'(update 10\28\14) I agree with the other reviews that are unhappy with what the app wants access too. Maybe CNN wants that access so you can file I-reports. I don't know. Basically I really like this app and the content it provides. My biggest complaint is some video says it can't play check your internet connection. I don't think my internet or anyone else's connection is the issue. Fix it!

Alexi · 7/17/2015
App crashes instantly after opening on Windows 10

Please fix it CNN and bring a more up-to-date app.

Gordon · 3/18/2015
Lacks features

Have always trusted CNN, appreciate their reporters and coverage... and I like the app. Just wish you could share stories... on social media... hello? Or how about selecting text within a story and doing a web search to find more detail. And how about a search function... to search for articles within CNN? Oh...one last thing... a feedback link. Or is that asking too much?

Barbara · 2/28/2015
Good Content, Bad Interface, Deaf Discrimination

Seems to have more than a few bugs in the interface! Photo galleries, for instance, don't seem to work. The app frequently freezes on photos and you have to exit entirely to free it. Also, as a deaf person I really wish CNN would caption their videos, or at least provide a link to a transcript. You're leaving out a whole audience there. Why not be inclusive instead of exclusive? Or is the news just for people who can hear?

Chris · 10/29/2014

I'm a new windows surface 3 Pro user, so I don't know exactly if the app is the issue or its the new computer. (Just one example) I have had to close the app and load it 4 separate times for it to just play a video clip. I have seen much better work on Apple apps. Its like the programmers who handle Apple products get paid more at CNN than the windows ones... The software clearly needs work.

Rod · 10/25/2014
video doesn't play

when I try video it tells me to check internet connection. connection is fine. just played videos on other apps with no issue.

Jordan · 10/11/2014
Videos do not play

This app consistently fails to play videos. The rest of the app is moderately well laid out; however, it will never raise above one start if it does not fix the bug that prevents videos from playing.



  • Get breaking news and follow stories as they develop.
  • Go beyond the surface with international, politics, opinion, tech and entertainment stories and more.
  • Contribute your story or opinion to CNN iReport by uploading photos and video directly from your app. Follow other iReporters and see stories from their point of view.
  • Read the top headlines on the go with the CNN Live Tile.
  • Choose the font size that most appeals to you.

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• Improved stability & performance • Resolved isolated breaking news alerts delivery issues • Updated Live Tile support

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