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michael · 8/10/2015
Pretty good! I like it!

I like it for the most part, but I have a couple of feature requests. 1) Can I open two files at the same time in the app? (split screen type of stuff) 2) Can I open an entire project in the app, not just individual files? So far I'll be using this as my deafult WinSCP app, but for local environment projects i'll need to use something else. Great start!

Trent · 8/22/2015
I say 4 stars

one of the reasons I did not give it 5 is because when you make an html it has a layout which is good but at the top I would like it to have <!DOCTYPE html> and when you save as I don't want asp or what ever it is I want it to save as html. It is very good for coding though excellent I love it I don't think I would use anything else.

William · 8/15/2015
New to programming and really like this app

this will help me save small bits of code I learn and might use later on down the line I even gave it a review on my twitter, Great app and thanks for making it a little easer to learn programming

shreyank · 8/2/2015
It is good but should run the code too

The app should be able to run basic codes and the syntax error should be made more clear so that they are easily visible. Otherwise, the UI is very nice and the app is very smooth.

Josh · 8/15/2015
Needs Update for Windows 10

Needs to be updated for Windows 10 UI and UX. Great editor for free though. Used it extensively through the life of Windows 8

Joe · 7/29/2015
Great for Beginners

Those looking to get acquainted with coding should download this. Easy to use and provides good formatting.

Jacob · 7/26/2015
Great Alternative to Lots of Free Code editors

Code Writer is an amazing tool. I use it to write in C/C++. I love it. 20+ syntax highlighted languages. The only thing I would prefer is something similar to Microsoft Intelli sense snippets. otherwise, amazing!!!

Drew · 8/16/2015
Tiny Glitch for a Big Headache

Everything works as advertised, but for some reason sometimes the app won't recognize a spacebar hit, so I often find myself having to go back and deliberately press the space bar again.

Jeton · 8/7/2015
It's nice, but ...

If you could add folder browsing panel to the left, that would be great ... otherwise very good.

Alhanalem · 7/29/2015
Does what it's supposed to do.

Quick and convenient text editor, whether you need it for code or not.



  • Over 20 syntax-highlighted file types supported including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, C#, VB, C++, ASP, PHP, Markdown, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, and many other common languages
  • Some file types support advanced editing features like code outlining, syntax errors, text formatting, quick info, color previews, auto-case correct, etc.
  • Create new documents, browse to open any accessible document (local, SkyDrive, etc.), and easily reopen recent documents
  • Chromeless UI editing surface that only shows caret position and scrollbars
  • Scrollable tabbed document interface to switch between open documents
  • Open documents are persisted between app sessions
  • Modified documents are flagged
  • Find and replace, go to line, and document properties panes
  • Document print support with numerous options
  • Touch-based selection support, and a plethora of keyboard shortcuts
  • Live tile that displays the names and save state of open documents
  • Integrates with Settings charm for access to configuration options
  • Supports sharing of document or selected text with other apps via the Share charm
  • Supports other Windows Store apps sharing text or files with Code Writer via the Share charm
  • Detailed documentation that describes all app functionality
  • Snapped mode view support for working side-by-side with other apps
  • File associations allow the app to be used as a default editor for various file types
  • Options for theme, font family/size, line numbers, word wrap, current line highlight, delimiter highlighting and auto-complete, web color previews, whitespace characters, tabs/spaces, line ends, etc.
  • Options to add custom file extensions for file types, and disable file types you don't work with
  • Run the app and open files using the codewriter:// protocol

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Version notes

Version 2.4 adds more user-requested features to Code Writer: ADDED: Quote delimiter auto-completion for most file types. ADDED: Support as a share target for text from other apps. ADDED: Support as a share target for known file types from other apps. ADDED: Character encoding option for UTF-8 with no signature. ADDED: When opening non-Unicode files, the default character encoding specified in Editor Settings is used as appropriate. ADDED: Improved international support with better caret/selection movement and delete and backspace functionality around multi-byte Unicode characters. FIXED: Document-specific character encoding wasn't taking priority over default.

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