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Faraz · 8/7/2015
Update it already

This needs work. It isn't very stable and there are occasional crashes. In fact design a better UI.

Lou · 8/7/2015
No Comcast, only episodes

First off, the Windows version of this app doesn't support Comcast/xfinity. Xbox? Sure. Web? Of course. Windows? Nope. Second, using The Daily Show as an example, only full episodes are available. No clips. No extended interviews. Nothing extra. The lack of support for Comcast kills it, though. That needs to be fixed.

Reviewer 3376 · 6/12/2015
Does not load. Don't waste your time.

I tried downloading this app onto my tablet three times and it refuses to load, yet Netflix downloaded just fine. I tried using it on my smartphone and all it does is buffer. I can't tell if this app just sucks and a waste of space or if the universe just hates me. Either way, I need my daily fix of Jon Stewart, and this app isn't working.

Ant · 4/17/2015
Glad it's here! Now let's refine it!

Glad CC is acknowledging Windows apps. Even BETTER, it's a Universal App, so it's now on the Windows Phones too. The app looks awesome! Easy to read, resembles their website and no ads. BUT there's two problems: 1) With the video playback, it splits full episodes into pieces (where the commercials would normally be) and this creates problems when using thru "Play To" feature (go to "Devices" charm, then "Play") when playing the episode to my Xbox One. Each break in the episode will stop the video from displaying through the XBO. 2) It forces you to restart each episode from the beginning, no episode resume. 2)It isn't integrated with the "Share" charm so I can't share funny skits or episodes with friends without going CC.com. Other than that, HUGE THUMBS UP!

Philip · 4/23/2015
you like the spinning dots?

well you're going to see them a lot with this app!! I love that they made a windows app, and I like the features and organization....but the crashing, stopping, pausing....just playback is horrendous at times

Alvaro · 3/17/2015
Great App

I love that there are no ads, and that its easy to use. The only problem I have with it, is that it sometimes logs me out. I wish there was a function to mark an episode as watched, and also an option to change the quality of playback. Adding these things would make it more enjoyable.

Chris · 3/13/2015

I was excited to get this, but IT DOES NOT WORK. Video play freezes every time. Sometimes it may resume, but out of sync video is stuck in slow. I think this is a Java script problem. Anyways, that's this app. Cool but needs a fix !!!

Link · 12/25/2014

Allows you to watch the latest episode for free. If you have a TV provider you get access to a lot more episodes. I have no problems at all, on any of my WP devices. The desktop app works great on my computers too.

Ben · 11/15/2014

Great for watching some shows, but most shows require a cable tv subscription and the is no simple pay to watch option

Steven · 10/8/2014

Pretty good app. However, getting constant reports of network error and tells me to retry. I logged in using my cable provider credentials and can see some entire episodes, but network errors persist. Please fix.



  • Full episodes available next day
  • Stand-up specials
  • Archive selections, including every episode of Chappelle's Show

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