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Version Notes *Misc bug fixes *If you’ve had issues with downloads getting stuck, this update should smooth things out a bunch. Thanks so much for your patience! * This update changes the way we handle order processing data * System enhancements plus ninja-like UI tweaks * Minor bug fixes

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Kenneth · 7/22/2015

Have to reinstall weekly to view download new comics. Clicking download does nothing and locks the app up never progressing anywhere. Also, if the download issue is fixed, organization is non-existent. I used to get angry at the iOS version for only being able to organize by Series Title and not having subfolders etc. The Windows version doesn't even group them by series. It puts every single last comic you've purchased and/or downloaded into "cloud" or "device" and sorts them only by purchase date. If you want to read a complete run you're left quick scrolling through 10's-100's of other comics in between. It's almost faster to look the issues up through the store function and open them that way. No noticeable changes made since I bought my Surface 3 in May. Sad that it's this poor. If I wasn't so determined to pay for my digital comics to keep the medium alive, cbr readers like Cover provide a far smoother experience.

Dustin · 7/21/2015
Just Terrible

The windows 8 version of this app is absolutely horrendous. Half the time the comics will not download and even when they do, they don't always want to load. Reinstalling the application over and over IS NOT an acceptable solution. The development team should be ashamed that they've released such an incomplete and subpar app. It's even more painful when you compare this to the iOS or Android versions of the app. Not only are those version speedy and much less crash-prone, you also have more features such as the ability to ya know... actually SORT your comics into groups/series! It's cumbersome and annoying to have to sort through hundreds of comics when on the other versions you can simply tap "Superman", for example, and it will then take you to show only the Superman issues. This app just splatters them out all over creation and altogether with no grouping at all. Please, PLEASE fix this version of the application! It's literally to the point of begging at this point. Thanks

Marty · 7/26/2015
When will they actually fix this app?

Even after their latest update, this is still buggy. Its still install, uninstall, reinstall, etc. I cannot read more than 3 comics before I have to do this every week. I guess Amazon wants me to buy their tablet so I can read comics. I would like to thank the developers for taking the joy out of reading comics. .

Trevin · 7/18/2015
Great comics app for Windows!

I was pleasantly surprised to find this app on Windows, as I use it on my iPad. Love the digital version of all my comics available on my windows devices now too! Lots of improvements can be made to the app, but there's no other real alternatives for digital comics.

Joseph · 7/29/2015
Really hoping for a Windows 10 Update

Would love an HD comics update and just some more improvements to place in line with the version in the iOS and Android store.

cedron · 7/3/2015
So broken it is funny

Used this app when I had Android...worked great. I found my old login info, logged in and couldn't buy comics when I updated my payment info, yet I was able to download 21 free comics...wow, this really bites.

Reviewer 5508 · 6/28/2015

Decent comic book reader when it wants to be. However buying comics from the store is like pulling teeth. My downloaded comics occasionally disappear and the app won't let me re-download unless I uninstall/reinstall. This is crazy frustrating. My Surface Pro 3 is the only device I use to read comics. Unfortunately this app is the only app to buy/read comics and IT'S MAKING ME WANT TO QUIT READING COMIC BOOKS. Who knows how many sales they've lost from Surface users because of this app? Gahhh!

Reviewer 2285 · 8/2/2015
Downloaded comic books disappear....

I have downloaded comics only to have them disappear the next time I load this app....This app needs a patch!!!

Reviewer 4637 · 7/7/2015

The reader itself is great when it works. The app is terrible. It works 30% of the time, always taking forever to load if it does at all. It's difficult to get to My Comics, always directs me to the store first. I usually uninstall and reinstall it EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to actually use it.

Reviewer 2894 · 6/8/2015
Great for reading

Directed panel reading is not always accurate. On a two page spread it flowed down the page instead of in the correct panel order. Worked fine otherwise. Easy to find and buy your comics.

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