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Trevor · 8/30/2015
Love ComiXology but this version is bad.

I buy all of my comic from Comixology. I love the iOS and Android versions of the software but the windows version is really bad. It is buggy and crashes a lot. The organization options are no good, especially if you have a lot of comics. Please update the app and make it more like the iOS version.

Doug · 8/23/2015

HERE'S HOW TO LOG IN! Swipe down from the top. The toolbar should appear. If not, you'll get a little nub which you'll need to pull down to get the toolbar (I believe it's based on screen size). Tap on the icon of the 3 lines in the top left corner (menu button) and tap on settings. Additionally, swiping down and choosing "app commands" gives you the "My Comics" and categories tabs. Now you can log in and interact just as you did in Windows 8. (This is universal to Windows 8 apps on Windows 10) I don't know if Amazon allowed further development or if the changes to Windows 10 simply make it work better, but I no longer have problems with downloads stalling or the program locking up. I still wish the sorting of purchase was better thought out, but hopefully things will improve.

Fred · 8/30/2015
When it works it's great

Pretty much as said, there are times it doesn't seem to work for whatever reason, either not downloading comics or even deleting comics that were already downloaded.

Reviewer 1297 · 8/24/2015
So close, yet so far

Beautiful reader, but constant bugs really bring this app down. You ALWAYS have to install and then reinstall when your comics mysteriously disappear. I'm truly shocked this hasn't been fixed yet.

Jared · 8/17/2015
How do you login?

I downloaded this to enjoy my collection just as I do with my android device. Unfortunately I don't see any way of actually logging onto my account using the windows 10 app.

Adam · 8/19/2015
Broken app

Love Comixology on Android, but this Windows 10 app is broken. I can't access any of my purchased comics. I can get to the My Comics screen (swipe down from top, or right click on featured page), and it shows my comics in the cloud, but when I hit download it just turns immediately to "Read," only the comic has not actually downloaded! When I click read, it just loads and loads ... Please fix!

Chasson · 8/15/2015
Until they fix the app, they are stealing money

Like looking at comics? Wanna have the option to read the ones you've already purchased? Well this isn't the app for you. After the update to windows 10, customers can no longer reach the tab to get to their purchased comics. It appears they have no intention on fixing this issue, nor do the care. So enjoy the option to buy things from comixology, but not view them.

Bill · 8/13/2015
Great but also broken

The way this app displays and reads comics is great and enjoyable. The 2 problems with it are: 1. My books often don't download and I have to uninstall/reinstall the app to read them. 2. My hundreds of books can not be organized in any way. I'm just looking for a better app and I will dump this one in a heartbeat.

James · 8/17/2015
In Desperate Need of Updates

While the reading interface is excellent the app constantly crashes and I have been forced to re-install several times. Also organizing of series would be preferable.

Hans · 8/14/2015
Mixed feelings. New Version: Much Improved

It works great on my phone and ipad, but the Surface version is not working. Download doesn't connect, and when I can download, the book only works a few times at best, and then it won't let me open the book again. This is very disappointing. The few times it works, the quality of the images are amazing. Please fix the Surface bugs. Pretty please! I decided to uninstall it. It only takes space and is useless. I'll just read online instead. Nook works better and have more of the comic books I like. ---UPDATE The new version works a lot better. I haven't had any problems so far with it.



  • Read comics panel-by-panel with cinematic Guided View™ Technology or in classic full-page view.
  • Buy Once, Read Anywhere.
  • Sync your comiXology account across multiple devices.
  • Download comics in seconds while browsing the store or reading other books.

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Version notes *Misc bug fixes *If you’ve had issues with downloads getting stuck, this update should smooth things out a bunch. Thanks so much for your patience! * This update changes the way we handle order processing data * System enhancements plus ninja-like UI tweaks * Minor bug fixes

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