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Free Map Update for Europe*. Go to MyCoPilot > My Maps to get it. We hope you like our new app icons and enjoy this update which brings some performance improvements and minor fixes. • Fixes ETA calculation bug Did you know? To help you drive more safely, you can enable “Motion Lock” for hands free navigation. Go to Settings > Motion Lock. For more tips & news, please visit:, facebook/copilotlive, @copilotgps or +CoPilot *Available for your licensed region only

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Ronik · 7/14/2015

This is actually a good navigation app; one of the two good ones I could find (the other is MapQuest). The traffic 🚥 accuracy is really good, and it will route you around congested areas. There are some issues with the app though. It talks too much constantly saying how many minutes of delay you have. It loses contact with GPS during navigation (this is the only app I've ever seen with this bug). User interface is not very fluid and somewhat cumbersome. It is rather expensive. I wish it would integrate with Nokia maps. It doesn't make sense to download over 2 gigs of maps for U.S. while I've already downloaded over 4 gigs for Nokia maps. Also there is different versions of CoPilot on the store which adds to the cumbersomeness associated with this good app.

Tabitha · 7/18/2015

On my way to fairly new location. It did not know or register the location and did not ask me for an update. Haven't used it since.

kevin · 7/3/2015

For the most I really like this app. There are sometimes when it is a little frustrating as when GPS is not accurate and it loses signal while I go around in circles. I have also notified developer of new speed limits and interchanges but have noticed updates. For the mos part I really like the app. The directions are mostly accurate and I like the traffic accuracy. It is also great to have alternate routes to choose.

Joab · 7/25/2015

Great app but the download interface could use a bit of work

Luis A. · 6/27/2015

Great App. I love the colors.

Jesse · 6/19/2015

Excellent! I bought a Garmin first at $130 only to discover the "real time traffic" was actually only traffic maps which are useless in Atlanta where traffic changes daily. I also found Here Drive terrible as it insists I go straight through Atlanta which takes at least an hour and half to get home. CoPilot is the first GPS to have reliable traffic. The $1 trial for real time traffic is so worth it and ill be getting the membership when it expires. This app is light on the battery, takes you faster routes other GPS will ignore and offers a level of customization even TomTom or Garmin can't touch. Five well earned stars!

Donny · 6/25/2015

Easy to access and easy to apply

Sher Ali · 7/19/2015

Accurate, updated, simple to use one of the best always helpful.

steve · 6/21/2015

For close to a year, constantly gets stuck on searching for GPS , absolutely useless app.all these updates & it still sucks..if it wasn't for that it would be the best

Abdul · 7/7/2015

Good one, but battery uses is quite high.