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Anthony · 2/19/2013

Amazing experience...deep zoom works great and the DreamWalk sequences are really helpful. Nice use of share contract to easily share work in email or OneNote.

James · 7/7/2013
Don't Stop

This is something that pushes the limits and is a step forward into a brighter future. Keep it up man, God Bless!

Sherman · 4/23/2013
Very cool!!

I don't really have much use for this app, but it looks so nice and is fun to interact with. I got the full version. Would like to see more apps of this kind.

Minh · 4/19/2013
Stunning interactive biology app

Stunning interactive biology app with 3D views of plant, leaf and cell structures! Great for a grade school intro biology class!

wen · 7/8/2013
a very nice APP, I recommended~

a very nice APP, I recommended~

Jonny · 2/23/2013

learning is so much more fun these days.

Marian · 3/27/2013
Revolutionary app for schools...

Very nice app, I really enjoyed it...

Leigh · 2/24/2013
Great app

Really great app, love the deep zoom

David · 1/31/2013
Fun to learn

It is fun to learn with this kind of app as you may look into almost every level of zoom. Hope there will be more such stuff for other things than just biology.

Andrew · 2/19/2013
Dynamic, immersive learning

Amazing for engaging students, making real world relevant, and catapulting students outside the classroom. This is a key for Common Core lessons and showing what's possible for other education apps.



  • immersing Inside Slider that smoothly connects our and microscopic worlds
  • amazing fully 3D interactive models
  • fascinating 3D environment of plant viruses
  • Wikipedia connection

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