• Access your eTextbooks for quick reference
  • Add, edit and view your notes and highlights as you study
  • Synchronize your notes and highlights across all CourseSmart reading systems
  • Support for portrait and landscape orientations
  • Find what you need using keyword search
  • Get a true digital equivalent of your textbook

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Sonja · 5/7/2014
Textbook at your fingertips!

The textbook was right there on my laptop screen! Transformational in education, material availability, and accessibility! Wow.

Amy · 5/7/2014
Money Saving

I love this, I can find what I need and know it's a trusted resource.

Ahtami · 5/7/2014
Great App

Still a little rough around the edges, but definitely worth the download

Reviewer 6278 · 5/18/2015
Okay Alpha

Doesn't have the same functions as the iOS or android apps. Not very to highlight or take notes. Not sure why this app was released given the limitations of using it.

Reviewer 4483 · 5/31/2015
Not as Good as Android App

I just got a new windows tablet and I was disappointed in the windows version of this app. I was sad to find out I could not read offline easily and also navigating through the my textbooks is more difficult.

Carl · 2/9/2015
Good But some Problems

Every time I open the app each page says that I am in preview mode even though I have purchased the book. Also, I don't see a way in which to sign out and sign back in

Robert · 11/19/2014
Needs a lot of work

Slow loading pages, offline mode does not work through the app, grainy text. Not pleasant experience.

Holly · 11/6/2014

Besides the occasional loading issue, this app is good. A cheap alternative to buying college textbooks. I like the highlight and note options.

Nathan · 11/3/2014
app is working again

unable to open any books. But is working great again now. Thanks coursesmart!

Emily · 11/2/2014
Serious issues

I have been avoiding Etext due to Coursesmart not being windows friendly and should have continued but thought I would give it another try. This app however is a JOKE. It worked for about a day with one text book and now continually says it's unable to access my books. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I'm still getting nothing but errors. The Brower doesn't support Internet explorer for offline reading downloading either which I find annoying especially since that's what my school recommends for classes. On top of that the online reading through a browser is poor, crowded and small. So instead of reading my text like I was planning on doing I'm writing a review to let others know to AVOID ETEXT THROUGH COURSESMART because it's just a head ache waiting to happen.

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