• Family Calendar: Easy to use color-coded calendar, see individual schedules or the whole family at once
  • Reminders: Set reminders for anyone in the family and get a weekly email of upcoming appointments
  • Shopping and To Do Lists: Create as many lists as you want and access them anytime, anwhere
  • Family Journal: The quick and easy way to capture milestones and memories
  • Meals and Recipe Box: Easy to use dinner planner, plus store all your favorite recipes
  • One Account for the Family: Everyone's schedules and lists in one place the whole family can access

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Jennifer · 7/24/2015

The idea of a shared calendar with distinctions made for different family members is great. And kudos to Cozi for having made a WP version. But it needs a live tile and time selection fields to compete with the native calendar app.

Reviewer 1680 · 7/20/2015
Family LOVES it so far, but I'm still deciding....

Love seeing all of our busy household's calendar events and tasks in one place and getting weekly email summaries first thing Monday mornings so everyone can review the upcoming week and discuss, change or add to the schedule or whatever so we all start the week on the same page. However, it does do "funky" things from time to time, like not load properly upon start-up, or some drop-down menus appear to not have enough logical options to choose from, and there are no prioritization or "task complete" functions. Still have yet to fully use the lists and other functions provided, so can only give it three stars for now. If it really turns out to be a One Stop Shop kind of app that will track all of our schedules, events, holidays, tasks with due dates, and many other types of lists, AND be able to "assign" them to person(s) responsible, AND get out proper notifications to us about all of this, then it will easily earn a 5-star rating. Stay tuned. It's had a great start so far.

Rob · 7/4/2015

Love ir so far! Hope its around for a long time. Easy to share info among different family members across different platforms..the app is available on most devices (ios, android, windows, kindle, etc)!

Reviewer 4326 · 7/3/2015
Great app

I love this COZI app and have used COZI for years. The Windows app that you used to have a few years ago displayed photos in a screen saver and also had a desktop overlay which showed upcoming appointments. I know this app went away when Windows switched to tiles. Is there any way to have this new version of COZI to display upcoming appointments on the tile screen/Start page (similar to the Windows Calendar app tile?) showing today's events/appointments on the wide/large tile itself?

Stephen · 7/9/2015

Easy to use. Easy to share

maryann · 7/16/2015

Love the app. I am a senior and it helps to keep me organized.

Babette · 6/25/2015

Great app for across multiple platforms. Can't add additional events in the calendar once the date is already used, though

Polly · 6/21/2015

Helps me keep track of my family's. Schedule. It's. A great app and it being free make it even better. Not to many adds either. I got my husband liked to it to so he can see what is going on with the schedule when he needs to plan something.

Bob · 6/30/2015

Great app. Finding myself using more features and wife is too. Plan to upgrade to gold soon.

Stephen · 6/14/2015

If I were on Droid it would have gotten more stars. I recently switched to Windows phone and the Cozi that I loved so much is not the same. I pay for gold and I want my monthly view.

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