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Valerie · 8/23/2015
Been using it for a few years

Using it half-heartedly, but using the paid version for several years and kids are finally old enough to find it useful by adding their own appointments and activities. My non-techy husband gets text reminders occasionally, he finds it useful. I enjoy the birthday module to keep track of all those days. I've made some lists, but they aren't the ones I really use regularly. My favorite thing is that is has my history of events in one location, I don't have to store a pile of calendars or journals. I anticipate using it more and more in the upcoming years.

Suzette · 8/21/2015
Keeps us connected and on track!

I love that we have a calendar that everyone in the family can use. When the work/school/club calendars come home, my kids can sit down and put all the info in and sync it with everyone else so we don't miss a thing.

Lokipolyazatu · 8/17/2015
Nothing more than a website wrapper

Cozi is a wonderful tool for the family for organizing schedules, shopping lists, etc., but when it comes to the Windows app, there's no apparent functionality other than being a quick link to the website. The Live Tile shows nothing but the Cozi logo, which would be a great place to show reminders, upcoming calendar events, recipe suggestions, and a bunch of other things that would be perfect for that area. I also use the Android app, and that at least offers widgets to put on your home screen for those things. In addition, there a bunch of Windows App buttons that have no use. For example, clicking on the top left menu dropdown, Search does nothing and the App Commands are just a copy of the lefthand menu within the window. Settings has no available settings at all, only information that would belong more in a Help section. If Cozi wants to have a truly great Windows app, it really needs to utilize some of the options available in the API. It's a shame that it does not.

Steve · 8/19/2015
Good for Everyone

We live in a busy house and it keeps us and the kids informed on what each person has scheduled, also like that we can share the calendar with the Grandparents

Haley · 8/18/2015
Great App

Has lots of great features. The best I have come across so far. Only wish the shopping list were a bit easier to organize.

Matt · 8/14/2015
Great family coordination app!!!

This is a truly great app! It has been phenomenal in organizing our family's calendars into one, easily-manageable place. Trying to sync outlook, gmail, iPhone, work, and other calendars was a massive pain with a lot of redundant entry. The Cozi App took that to an easy, nearly real-time entry and view for all parties involved.. We use (and love the calendar function the most). It is well developed to give each user with/without a distinct email address an editing capability. We do not like the to-do list and grocery list features as much. There are abilities to create groups within each kind of list by using all caps, but the ability to minimize these lists (or check all items of a sub-list) do not exist. Nor does the ability to go one level lower. Also, grouping items in the grocery list portion could be better automated by adding lists of standard items and quantities. All in all though, we will probably be moving on from the free version because this is an awesome app!

Stephen · 8/18/2015
Easy to use

I love how we can set up calendars for each family member and share them on multiple devices. Also, whenever I've had questions customer service is very quick to respond.

Amy · 8/19/2015
Family Organizer Must

Love that all 5 of us in the same household can do a quick check to see what is on everyone's schedule. Also anyone can add items to lists and calendar. Wish that I didn't have to pay if I want alerts sent to anyone but myself and get the shopping list view on the lists...but it's still a great app If it was a 1x fee to get the upgrade, I'd do it... but monthly, no.

Kim · 8/15/2015
convenient for the family

I don't like that on my phone the screen shown is not usable. You have to click on it and click a few more times to get to an interactive calendar. But it is a good, easy source for family organization.

Evelyn · 8/10/2015

"This is an outstanding tool for the family and daily planning". It keeps you organized, especially. If you have a occupied like and exta money in planners. The entire family. Is connected and less stressful keeping track of everyone's daily activities or extra curriculum.



  • Family Calendar: Easy to use color-coded calendar, see individual schedules or the whole family at once
  • Reminders: Set reminders for anyone in the family and get a weekly email of upcoming appointments
  • Shopping and To Do Lists: Create as many lists as you want and access them anytime, anwhere
  • Family Journal: The quick and easy way to capture milestones and memories
  • Meals and Recipe Box: Easy to use dinner planner, plus store all your favorite recipes
  • One Account for the Family: Everyone's schedules and lists in one place the whole family can access

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