• In-App POST support
  • Multiple cities suport with easy switches
  • Search Postings with filters
  • View Postings inside a map
  • Save Searches
  • Save Postings
  • Share Postings
  • Account management
  • Alerts and notifications for new search results
  • Taking notes for Favorite postings.

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Version Notes

[01/08/2015] Bug fix and update [01/08/2015] Bug fix and update [10/18/2014] fix according to craigslist website change [10/18/2014] small fix. Post number in account. [10/08/2014] update according to craigslist housing and posting change. [09/29/2014] Fix bugs. Address IP block issue. [08/19/2014] Fix bugs. Add new categories. [07/12/2014] Fix account logon issue due to Craigslist.org's change [06/11/2014] New hide/unhide feature. Bug fixes [05/02/1014] posting bug fix. [04/13/2014] Rename app to CPlus which is new officially licensed by craigslist. [03/29/2014] Bug fix and add missing categories per feedback. [03/18/2014] Minor bug fix [02/27/2014] Bug fix to remember the last viewed post. [01/26/2014] Bug fix for searches saving. Update screen shots for Win8.1 [01/14/2014] Windows 8.1 update. Add missing categories [01/06/2014] Windows 8.1 update. Created app version for Win 8.1. Polished main page, search result page and detail page. [01/02/2013] Fixing the email reply issue. [12/19/2013] Fix posting issue. [12/12/2013] Fix according to Craigslist website's email reply change. [10/19/2013] Add new categories and posting fix. [9/15/2013] Windows 8.1 support bug fix. [9/11/2013] Bug Fixes and Windows 8.1 support.

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Craig · 7/28/2015
Great app

Works well and I have found it to be an affective interface with Craigslist. Does. Lock up from time to time

William · 7/28/2015
Search does not filter accurately

searched in this app for specific item. Did not show everything while the web version showed many more items. Probably filtering issue.

Reviewer 7504 · 7/27/2015
Great app

Great app, the only issue I ran into was it occasionally went back to the main screen without warning and I had to go back and find whatever listing I was looking at. Otherwise a flawless app.

Kathy · 7/8/2015
Pretty good; Room to grow

I like the app. I especially appreciate the alerts based on a designated search. Also, pretty easy to navigate. Room to grow. I cannot pinpoint certain locations with the app, that I can on the website; like, a small mountain community of interest. Overall. it's a good app.

Ruben · 7/7/2015
Easy to use UI

very easy and simple to use UI on the Surface RT. 4 stars because I've posted several that have been removed based on who knows what. I don't really know for sure if it is someone locally flagging or the bots or Craig himself but it gets annoying when you have to do the same posting 5 times over.

Susan · 7/3/2015

Really I love this app. Relaxing and easy to use for all ages.nice

Reviewer 5153 · 7/13/2015
About time!

This app makes CL easy and fast!

Reviewer 7821 · 6/19/2015
Great Craigslist App!

This app is a great timesaver, as it allows access to several different locations for a search, rather than having to click them all individually. Easy to use, commonly a quick check on specific selections makes Craigslist searches a breeze. A must have app for those die-hard Craigslist fans.

Reviewer 4717 · 7/24/2015
awesome app

I can find everything im looking for in just one place ty...also selling is easy and quick....

Reviewer 4195 · 7/21/2015
this app is great

easy to use

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