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Sammy · 9/3/2015
Super SLOW!

I wish I could like this app, it looks great and is easy to use. But omg is it slow... Oh did you misclick the wrong button well give it around 30 seconds for the back button to respond. After checking task manager I found that this app uses around 25% of my CPU processing!!! Unacceptable!

Bernie · 8/30/2015
Great App!

I've used a couple different CL apps on my smart phone, and this app is the best I've used. I like it better than going to the actual website. Well done!

Brian · 8/26/2015
Buttons don't work; freezes up

This is a really great idea for an app, but it needs some work. The buttons don't work half of the time; you have to click directly on the text portion of the button for it to work. Also, the 'copy and paste' function works intermittently; it freezes up when you attempt to highlight text.

John · 8/25/2015

crashes when trying to change location. freezes quite a bit. for me simply navigating to craigslist with a browser is quicker and easier.

Reviewer 9641 · 8/25/2015
So far so good

Seems like it is functional- took me a while to figure out how to access menu for saved searches...instructions are not clear. But once found, it is easy to use and seems to function well. Great to be able to search multiple craigslist sites and set up search alerts...

Reviewer 6408 · 8/21/2015
Looks great!

Looks great and is easy to use. I prefer this app to the actual website.

Joost · 8/21/2015
Great craigslist app

Best craigslist app. Let's you refine your search easily, has a nice way of displaying your results and is overall easy to navigate.

Reviewer 9020 · 8/18/2015
Review for Cplus for Craigslist

Very easy to use! Can view multiple items efficiently. Great App!

Wilda · 8/25/2015
Craigslist Pretty?

This is a great app that makes Craigslist very easy to use as well as attractive. Craig should make this his default front end!

Reviewer 8362 · 8/3/2015
Great app but has some issues.

CPlus is a really nice Craigslist client though there are some issues. 1. It's not a universal app. It will not sync across phone, tablet, and desktop. Meaning, if you favorite an item on one device, it won't show up on any others. Hopefully this is coming in a future release. 2. When searching, unlike the Windows Phone app it only shows a single region's listings at a time. You have to toggle between then. It is a lot easier to just continuously scroll through said listings and apply filters if needed. Other than that, it works well. Could use a little more visual polish but that's not really important.



  • In-App POST support
  • Multiple cities suport with easy switches
  • Search Postings with filters
  • View Postings inside a map
  • Save Searches
  • Save Postings
  • Share Postings
  • Account management
  • Alerts and notifications for new search results
  • Taking notes for Favorite postings.

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[08/22/2015] Our last update is a bad build for Windows 8 users. This is a fix for it. Sorry for the inconvenience. [08/19/2015] Fix app freezing issue for Windows 10. [08/06/2015] Add new filters. Bug fixes. Please yanflex@gmail.com for any issues on Windows 10. [01/08/2015] Bug fix and update [01/08/2015] Bug fix and update [10/18/2014] fix according to craigslist website change [10/18/2014] small fix. Post number in account. [10/08/2014] update according to craigslist housing and posting change. [09/29/2014] Fix bugs. Address IP block issue. [08/19/2014] Fix bugs. Add new categories. [07/12/2014] Fix account logon issue due to Craigslist.org's change [06/11/2014] New hide/unhide feature. Bug fixes [05/02/1014] posting bug fix. [04/13/2014] Rename app to CPlus which is new officially licensed by craigslist. [03/29/2014] Bug fix and add missing categories per feedback. [03/18/2014] Minor bug fix [02/27/2014] Bug fix to remember the last viewed post. [01/26/2014] Bug fix for searches saving. Update screen shots for Win8.1 [01/14/2014] Windows 8.1 update. Add missing categories [01/06/2014] Windows 8.1 update. Created app version for Win 8.1. Polished main page, search result page and detail page. [01/02/2013] Fixing the email reply issue. [12/19/2013] Fix posting issue. [12/12/2013] Fix according to Craigslist website's email reply change. [10/19/2013] Add new categories and posting fix.

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