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Aaron · 8/4/2015

No pictures and the format is all wrong. Needs lots of work

Mike · 7/6/2015

No formatting or pictures. This app is useless for the only thing its intended for - reading cracked. They would be better off without an app. Wish I could leave zero stars.

Sarah · 7/8/2015

It doesn't rotate and I rather enjoyed the random images and commentary on the articles on the site. The upside is I didn't see ads and the white text dark background is nice. Would be perfect if the images and formatting were kept intact from the site. As is, just continue the good fight with cracked on browsers.

Ajith · 6/17/2015

No pics, no videos, bad app, oh wait this must be one of your jokes... Is it ? Nobody is going to laugh at it so clean up this mess guys.

Cailin · 6/6/2015

This app used to work until about 6 months ago but now the pictures and formatting don't work. I used to use the app daily to read cracked but now its a useless wall of text. :'(

Jeff · 7/2/2015

Articles appear without paragraphs or formatting. Difficult to read.

Jacob · 4/26/2015

Uhm, what happened to the formatting and pictures in the articles? Because it's gone now. Even before, this app really needed a whole lot of improvement in features and aesthetics. I'd really appreciate the addition of a clear tile, too. Do you guys plan on updating this ever?

Fro · 7/5/2015

Articles are practically unreadable. I could live with the wall of text if it at least had the pictures. Waste of time.

Jonny · 5/16/2015

Formatting all wrong. No pictures or links like website.

User · 5/4/2015

Pictures from articles never load. When article loads it is not spaced; it is just one long paragraph.


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