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Blaine · 12/10/2013
Fabulous App

Helps me get my Cracked.com fix! Pretty much does everything the full website does.

Aaron · 1/5/2013

As long as get to experience the life of Soren on a Microsoft device... I will be pleased. Great user interface and organization of content.

Tyler · 8/8/2015
needs a fix!

crashes on startup for my windows 10 device

Reviewer 5608 · 5/28/2015
Won't Open

I got this app because I love the site and the app on my phone works well enough, but I was hoping it would work on my tablet since it has a bigger screen. Unfortunately, after it was installed (and I uninstalled and reinstalled to be sure it wasn't a fluke) the app still wouldn't work. When I click on it, it tries to open, but immediately shuts off and takes me back to my start screen. I don't know if it's because I have Windows8 or what, but it's just not working.

Hans · 8/23/2015

Crashes on startup, sad day...

Reviewer 1739 · 5/19/2015
Crashes on startup

I love Cracked.com and wanted this app to work, but it doesn't. It just crashes on startup. Please fixit! I really want it to work.

Dillon · 2/8/2015
Good on phone, crap on tablet

Love this app on my android Galaxy S5, crashes occasionally, but overall works great. Different story for my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 though. It opens, then immediately crashes. Can't get it to do anything. Wish they'd fix it, as I love Cracked and would like to be able to read it on my tablet as well as my other devices.

Victoria · 10/16/2014
Great website - needs a better app.

The app itself is great for reading the articles on the homepage. If there is anything that is readily available via said homepage, you're in the clear. However, every time I try to open a specific section, like Photoplasty, it simply exits the app. Would love it if we could get a fix, because Cracked is one of my favorite web pages.

Angelika · 6/9/2014
I hope this improves

Love cracked, the columns are always entertaining and worthwhile to read. I'm mildly upset about the app though, I can't seem to access anything once I try opening the listings to see what else I can read, it always says I'm not connected and won't even let me go back to the main page. S

Josh · 1/21/2014
Has Potential

I love Cracked.com and I use the Android mobile app religiously. My suggestion is take the Win8 app and make it a carbon copy of the mobile app (optimized for computers and tablets of course). Do that, and this app is golden.



  • An easy to navigate, fast loading feed featuring all of our latest content
  • Columns by Michael Swaim, Dan O’Brien, David Wong, Jack O’Brien, etc.
  • Easy to navigate slide show presentation of our weekly photo manipulation contest
  • Humorous and intelligent commentary on movies & TV, music, celebrities, sex, sports, news, science, history and video games
  • Viral Videos and exclusive Cracked series, including the huge hit “After Hours”!

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To our loyal fans -- we've done what you've asked and are bringing you the Cracked 2.0 app! This snazzy, jazzy version leverages all of the features of Win8 including snap views, the ability to play videos to any supported devices and semantic zoom. You can thank us later. Or just give us a big bear hug now.

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