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Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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Reviewer 0572 · 6/24/2015
don't available for your country

I don't believe. Internet has no countries, change your mind. Think Global

Londell · 6/9/2015
Much better than the web site!

Always liked crackle as a movie source from time to time, but the web site always had issues when it came to internet speed. This app doesn't seem to have that problem. I'll be watching it more. They just need to expand their content a tad more.

Priyank · 7/30/2015
Good Application but Need more content

Application is good Its also good as its free. The content is limited

Reviewer 4980 · 6/28/2015

Fast loading, smooth playback, no bugs, no problems :)

eliot · 8/23/2014
A great TV/movie app

Its a great I don't mind the ad I like the fact that its free but it would be nice to get new movies more often

Slick · 8/19/2014
Good to kill time, and be entertained

It seems as if all of the free content available on Crackle is not offered via this app. I wish there were a simple full listing of all content that could be chosen from...

Adrian · 7/12/2014
Works sometimes

I don't mind the ads as much but please get some new ones or mix them up(Bestbuy is killing me). Some movies will just stop on RT and x86.

C · 6/14/2014
Control logic

Please update to allow fast forward and rewinding without being interrupted by the commercials. I don't mind watching them once I find the spot but to cut in in the middle of seeking is a bit much.

Nam · 6/1/2014

This app is cool!. Wish it would update more often with new movies. Here are commercials here and there but its free so balance!

Matt · 5/22/2014

Really like how easy it is to use this app

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