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Vichet · 8/21/2015

Movies load slow even on wifi; try to fast forward and ads immediately appear. I've seen more ads than the actual movie itself sometimes especially when I am trying to resume a movie that I first started on PS3

mark · 8/12/2015

It crashes a lot, and some of the videos do not appear to have any content. Also, the feedback link does not work.

David · 7/12/2015

I give five stars cause its good but you shud add in some more anime like dragonball and dbz and dbgt at least us have more people watching this and add more movies at least

Terrence · 8/10/2015

This application does not satisfy me. I have a very compatible phone and it does not work. It crashes everytime. Please take time to actually fix this for it could ruin business for the company in the mid future. I believe in you guys capability of doing this.

keira · 6/1/2015

Good for movies and tv but not a good selection of kids shows and alot of anime

Robert · 7/25/2015

It freezes the Xbox everytime I use it on there. My phone closes the app every five minute or it just quits working while I use it. I am very unsatisfied with this app

Ben · 7/10/2015

Coulda sworn this app let you actually watch Crackle videos. Only have show info on my 1520.

Lance · 7/22/2015
Love this but some stuff doesn't play in sync

Love this but some stuff doesn't play in sync, J. Dirt has failed and App crashes periodically.

User · 6/8/2015

Oh and besides the dead rising movie that was awesome I have a low memory Nokia Lumina it did take a few restarts when I first downloaded it but I watched the whole movie didn't have any problems with it shutting down after commercials or during play time great job hope you guys keep up the good work !

Roberto · 7/14/2015

I've downloaded this app cuz it works pretty well on my computer and ps3 but for some reason on this phone or I guess it could be the app itself weather I'm connected to Wi-Fi or not it tells me tat I need to be signed in in order to use a feature witch is fine I have an account but when I try to sign in it says I need internet connection when I clearly do this app is a disappointment needs to get fixed


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