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Hubert · 8/12/2015
How to upload an image to an existing publication?

I signed up for My Publications and having problems. 1. Uploaded image did not appear. 2. Cannot link to my existing publications. 3. There is no option to delete.

Reviewer 1527 · 6/1/2015

hate it

Reviewer 7951 · 3/22/2015
Pretty Good

I have been looking for a way to publish my things for encouragement.

Reviewer 6130 · 7/13/2015
In the world of writing

As a once well published author (Christopher Goben the Raven) with the wrong agents I have looked for a new beginning. This has gave me the chance to rise from the ashes of my dilemma. Giving me perhaps the hope and courage I have needed to restart. Maybe even the chance to come back as C.A.Goben. I am sure there are scouts who read these stories looking for that fresh flavor in the writing career. So who knows maybe I will be picked up again. Returning to my fans who I have missed. So yes this is a great site for those starting out or like my self restarting again.

pauline · 2/15/2015
wait, what???

this thing says that theres a threat on this app, but I have been having this app for a year now. wish they would upgrade for windows 8.1

Tim · 2/5/2015
This is great!

What a great idea for writers to post their work and get constructive comments on it. I hope this stays the way it is .

Regina · 8/31/2014
Really Great App!!

This app is great for posting short stories. However, I don't know how to sort out or edit my stories, but that shouldn't be hard to figure out. Still have some trouble with changing my user name. But Great app!!

Robert · 8/1/2014
This App. is Good

I would encourage anyone with an interest in writing to get this app. It isn't perfect however, the good outweighs the bad. Some content is offensive so kids should let their parents check it out before using it. The creators cannot keep this App. clean so everyone has to make his/her own decision to use it or not. Again, this app. is good.

Bailey · 7/29/2014
It's an average app

I have seen a bunch of writing apps, each more complicated than the last. But his one was simple, almost too simple. Don't expect a nice screen, there is literally two button to press. publish and like. I haven't been able to really explore this app since they immediately directed me to this page without a notice or pop up. If they made it a bit fancier I would rate it 5 stars. And in order to have a "Biography" or whatever, you have to pay extra.

Mark · 6/30/2014
Useful info for future users.

Stories are not saved when you click you publications page after a month of not logging in. App force quits every now and then. Usually happens at startup. This is annoying. There are racist writers here. Even though I believe in free speech, I get tired of seeing folks post hurtful things about other ethnic groups. There are also a lot of young folk writing here. This is something I don't mind, because I, too, started at a young age. Also, it baffles me when people don't even capitalize their 'I's. Or put a period at the end of a sentence.



  • Publish your Writing, Lyrics or Poetry
  • Rate and comment on writing published by others
  • Every time someone comments you are posted to the top of your category for prime viewing.
  • Your work is instantly shared with all users.
  • Biography
  • Ratings!
  • Save and Edit your work with the new My Work screen

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New Version 2.0 Major update New - Everyone can now edit their own work New - Everyone can rate other work New - Your Biography (Pro Users Only) New - Email notification when comments are received on your work (Pro Users Only) -You can Rate and Review this App and Allure more Creative Writers and Critiques. Join this amazing community and publish your stories for free.

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