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windows 8.1 version of this app.

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Kyli · 4/11/2014
Freemium content doesn't even work

The "Random" tiles and "Changing" tiles never, ever change. Even restarted my computer.

andrew · 12/10/2012
not good

would be great if the tiles were functional

Dave · 10/8/2014
Buyers Beware!

Do not install this app for "free" because it isn't. This app looked awesome and I installed it for "free". It turns out that if you want to put custom tiles you have to pay $1.49 for that feature. And curiously the Windows Store just said "install" instead of what it should of said "Buy for $1.49". I rate this app ZERO stars. Do not buy this app. And don't get fooled like I did with other apps.

morgen · 6/3/2014
Absolutely useless

Unlike the Windows Phone version (which works great) you cannot customize tile placement in this one. If you choose more than a 1 tile wide orientation you can't move it where you want to because Windows literally wont allow it.

Renato B. · 3/28/2014
Cosmetic Override

It JUST creates custom tiles with your pics. it does not link apps to the tile so that when you click it goes to the app that you'd hope it covers. It doesn't even cover the tile that you want. You make a new custom tile (I guess like what it says). I wish I knew that before I bought the 'all tiles package' and 'changing tiles package' for 1.49 each recap: it just makes custom tiles that does not link it to apps or website-linked-apps. it just makes your start screen look pretty

David · 2/23/2014
Piece of worthless trash

It doesn't do anything useful and when you click on the tile you make it just opens Custom Tile Maker again its a spam scamming piece of software that shouldn't even exist or the programmer should be shot at sunrise for making it.

Death Before · 1/4/2014

I've had it for about a year and a half. I haven't seen much good in it. I mean O obviously still use it since its the only good image tile feature. But it never has any updates. If ever. They never enhance it to make it better. Even now 8.1 has been out for sometime and I would have thought they'd update to allow bigger images....or "animated" images like gif files would be so chill.

Tristan · 1/2/2014

Once tiles are created, they just open up the tile maker ap...this is pointless. Windows should remove whatever restriction is holding you back.

S L · 8/31/2013
It's OK - A Fun APP for my Grandkids to play with

It would be cool if developer could add a small feature to make it a puzzle game instead of just "titles" so that a Parent, Educator, to Grandparent even Babysitters - can let a child or children create a puzzle out of a photo which an Adult can configure it according to a Child's age; so they can use a touch screen or mouse to put the photo together would make this APP an awesome and educational game / toy in my humble opinion. But this App crashes a lot; this is my 9th(?) reinstallation.

Danny · 5/20/2013

Its just allows you to put pictures but they don't actually do anything. Pointless if the tiles don't open anything. Make it so that the tiles can actually open an app and it will be awesome otherwise its just boring.

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