• Play the newest and most popular video formats including H.264, MP4, MPEG and MKV with DTS audio
  • Enjoy support for all major subtitle formats
  • Stream and share videos, photos and music wirelessly with DLNA for Windows
  • Create playlists for your videos, photos & music directly on your mobile device
  • Search for library videos, photos, music and YouTube videos using the Charm bar
  • Supports both Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs
  • Edit and add cool effects to your photos. Browse them in Calendar View by date they were taken

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What’s New • Resume playback of videos from last view point • Swipe gestures for video scene seeking and volume control Last updates: • Power Media Player supports both Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs • Added text-based subtitle support, including SubRip (*.SRT), PowerDivX (*.PSB), MicroDVD (*.SUB), SunViewer (*.SUB), SubStation Alpha (*.SSA, *.ASS), and SAMI (*.SMI) • Added DLNA DMC functionality • Added gesture-controlled video zoom-in/out • Added live tile support • Added content searching via Windows 8 Charm bar • Added swipe-controlled Next/Previous video during playback • Added "Repeat one" feature for music playback • Added more folder view styles • General performance improvements and usability enhancements • Choose YouTube video playback resolution • Support of multiple audio tracks MKV/MP4 file • Support Semantic Zoom touch-optimized technique

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j · 8/11/2014

The program will only look in one folder. Can`t tell it to look in other folders or even to check my library. If I want to play music, I have to play one at a time or use up my memory on the ssd.

ROSARIO · 12/30/2013

need my code how can get it

Richard · 11/22/2012
Doesn't play DVDs

Curiously, this app carries the PowerDVD name even though it doesn't actually play DVDs. The interface is a strange hybrid of Modern and desktop design patterns, including menus and selections that just do not belong in a Windows Store app. My trial has expired, and I won't be purchasing this.

Harry · 4/21/2015
Will NOT play DVDs

Trying to play a DVD on a Windows 8.1 computer with a USB DVD drive does not work (Windows Problem). They say to install an app to play the DVD. A windows store search yields Cyberlink Power Media Player. Problem NOT solved. Power Media Player DOES NOT PLAY DVDs! Over all a miserable way to spend and hour and waste $15 with the wife and kids waiting for the show. Thanks for nothing Cyberlink and Microsoft. P.S. If there is a way to play a DVD with this app, please enlighten me.

Brian · 10/1/2014
Plays files, but won't browse for them

I can open a file from Windows Explorer, but there's no way to browse outside of the media library from the app.

Jo · 9/21/2014
Don't buy

Not an easy player to use. Won't let me watch a movie because the parental controls won't allow it but can find where to change the settings. Most difficult to use. My recommendation don't buy .

Brent · 8/28/2014
Best Player for RT

Everyone Hates MS JavaScript "Music" Player App. HOWEVER Buy This App. Dang, I wish I had Known About the Great App 2 Years ago. - Thank You SOO Much. (Please Remove the Ads)

Renay · 5/5/2014
Hated this App

The app indicates that it's installed yet it does not appear on my desktop and I cannot locate it in my installed apps computer folder. This leaves me confused and struggling to figure out how to get into this app that is supposedly already installed. It also does not have an uninstall option on the page that indicates that it's installed. Windows 8 is difficult enough to figure out and get used to without encountering apps that add to that confusion and difficult.

Richard · 1/21/2014
Don't waste your time

Worst app ever. I tried watching several mkv files and all I had was a black screen playing audio. Apparently, it couldn't read any subtitles either. Although, the files are on my Surface, it takes a minute or two to load up. If you try fast forwarding it takes longer than the initial start up (3-5 minutes). This app is not worth the time effort or money; if you want an app that plays videos. The other features seem decent, but the video section is a total disaster.

Michael · 10/5/2013
Don't buy - doesn't work on regular DVD movies.

I put several DVDs into my drive on my PC. This version of PowerDVD doesn't even know how to start the movie. You can click on individual chapters, which it recognizes, but trying to play a chapter results in an error stating, "This format is not supported." Really? Regular DVD movies are "not" supported? What is, home movies burned to DVD? Worthless.

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