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* Support for Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate monitors. * Trial mode for all addins! * Bug fixes

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Shantrell · 8/2/2015

I really like this app. Its accurate and easy to use.

Elsa · 7/30/2015

Love this app. The altitude gain/ loss is off a bit, I've used it for kayaking in a lake where there should be little change however, it does show a change every time. Wish there was a way to upload to an app on my laptop or Facebook.

willie t · 7/30/2015

Does everything I need it to do. For a daily rider who just wants to record his miles. Some of the options could be easier to navigate.

John · 7/7/2015

This app just keeps getting better and better. I've looked at most of the competition and never leave for more than a short trial. The dev puts out some great work.

James · 7/9/2015

Great app for exercise and keeping track of calories

Tim · 7/5/2015

This app does a good job of mapping GPS onto mapped roads, and pausing ride time while stopped. Relatively low battery usage as well. It's not Strava (not the fault of this app) but it can export to Strava.

Brett · 6/22/2015

Easy on the battery

Rolf · 7/1/2015

Easy to use and accurate.

Brian · 6/18/2015

Sometimes the app stops recording, randomly.. Otherwise, this is a free app with great audio coaching (although it misses at times, but I think flipping idling to "ON" will do the trick). Thank you makers!

THOMAS · 7/4/2015

Easy to use and like how the information is displayed.