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Mimi · 8/19/2014
I love it, but..

it really, really needs to let you write on it! Practicing stroke order etc. without opening another app would be very convenient. I think it can definitely be done, even if the only way to erase was a clear button. I'll keep the app for the nice tile and hope for the best!

Ki · 4/28/2014
Simple and good!

It's good. If it can show meaning of word at live tile , it'll be perfect :D.

Paul · 4/5/2014
Wonderful app for expanding Kanji vocabulary!

Very fluid and simple, easy to use. Has both the Kun and On readings and the examples are useful and have pronunciations in hiragana and in romanji, which is very nice. I do wish it had pronunciations of the word, but with a basic understand of hiragana and the Japanese pronunciations, it's not too difficult to tell how it's pronounced. The stroke order is very easy to follow and it has a picture of the 'printed' kanji for reference and the stroke order shows a more stylized version of the word (like the difference between handwriting words and seeing them typed out on a computer), which is very handy for recognizing the kanji in different scenarios.

KC · 3/25/2014
Daily Kanji

Daily Kanji is definitely a great program! As a young students attempting to learn Japanese, I was now able to notice a large amount of kanji. As most who want to learn, or can speak Japanese know, Kanji require a lot of memorization. This program has helped me recognize and write many different kanji.

Joelle · 3/19/2014
a fun way to pick up tidbits

The value of this app depends on what you intend to use it for. If you already know Japanese somewhat well and are just looking to expand your vocabulary of kanji, I would think it would work fairly well(I don't know Japanese very well yet so it cant yet serve this purpose for me, but it seems like it could.) If you just think it's interesting and looks pretty but don't have any intentions of learning Japanese with it, it will do just fine. However, it is not by any means a way to learn to write Japanese. The meanings it gives you are concise and clear, the directions for drawing the characters make it all so much simpler, it gives you pronunciations in Chinese and Japanese alphabets, and the examples are interesting. For it's purpose, it is a very worthwhile, free, app.

Toan · 3/16/2014
Suggest from user

The left navigation button is currently covering the text. Can u please fix this.

Alita · 2/15/2014
pretty good

this is a good app for some self-study. I wish it had the option of practicing the kanji, though.

Audrey · 11/23/2013

love this app but i wish it had more info on the live tile and would let you practice drawing beneath the stroke order. i don't think it needs romaji - just go learn kana first before tackling kanji.

morgan · 10/30/2013
very useful

very useful app to help with learning kanji. its the best one I've come across.

Rosella · 9/13/2013
A really great study tool

Since I am living in Japan now expanding my knowledge about kanji is very important to me. I like having a new character everyday to memorize. You can also go back and see Kanji from previous days. I love the fact that it gives the stroke order because I memorize things the best by writing them. I agree that the app has ads, but it was free so I can't really complain about that fact. This is great if you are student/anyone learning Japanese!



  • Shows a different kanji every day in the live tile
  • Navigate to the kanji from previous days by swiping, using arrow keys, or clicking navigation arrows
  • Select difficultly level from settings based on JLPT levels
  • Support for Japanese or romanized (romaji) reading

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Version notes

Added option for romaji (Romanized Japanese) and fixed a couple bugs.

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