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Joel · 6/28/2015

Needs a reset option and tracking above 96db would be nice.

Robert · 3/20/2014
dba meter

The application seems nice enough, however, it has no options that I can find. It shows the high and low from the time I installed it. It would be nice if the min and max could be reset. Also the average has no meaning. It gives an average that is updated every second or less. I am trying to figure out if the decibel level is high at a certain time. There is no way to use this app for anything that requires accurate data.

Ben · 2/17/2014
Works great but could use an analog meter

This app is simple and works great. But the numbers change very quickly so an analog meter option would be preferred. Also, I had to make sure my microphone volume was set to 100% and also disable microphone boost to get accurate readings, which wasn't indicated (though it doesn't have to be, I think it should be noted somewhere). As PC and tablet sound hardware can vary and aren't professional quality most of the time, you have to be sure to verify the readings of the app against a trusted meter first. :)

Richard · 8/16/2014
Works perfectly

I had written a negative review about this product after installing it on my laptop. Now that I have a tablet the application appears to be working fine. I believe the erroneous readings I was getting could have been vibration caused by the internal mike. Good job!!

Don · 10/20/2014
Needs calibration Adjustments

No reference for test.

Shawn · 1/27/2015
Bad App.

Don't bother. It won't even start.

Reviewer 0135 · 8/14/2014
Digital Readout is a bit fast

The digital readout updates too fast to read. I am planning to use this in a classroom as a noise guideline for class discipline, so a slower display would help tremendously.

Louie · 9/18/2014

Doesn't even start.

Cheryl · 8/8/2014

It would be helpful to see a line graph to show historical levels over a period of seconds or minutes.

Reviewer 6212 · 8/25/2013
Wont Work.

I have two tablets and it would not work on either of them



  • Free
  • Real time db reading
  • Use of internal microphone

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In this update, I fixed decibel meter reading accuracy.

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