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Reviewer 4915 · 5/18/2015
Just what I needed.

This app displays time in a full screen with a black background. This is exactly what I needed. I see a lot of people are saying that the devs missed their point, but it's actually the consumer that did. Look at the description and screens shots before you download. Recommend to add the option for text and background color as well as removing seconds.

Keaton · 2/3/2015
Exactly What I was Looking For

This is a wonderful app, it was just what I was looking for. It's a simple, full screen app that displays the system time on a pure black background with no ads. It is very clear. I wish there was a live tile, but I can live with another app I have. Thank you, developers!

mosstone · 10/12/2014
needs options

Needs some options. The seconds field annoys me slightly, and a fonts field would be nice. I would suggest adding Mayan, Roman, and Arabic numerals just because. I would also suggest a field to assign a saved image as the background, though I'm happy with the black background. I would like to pre-apologize for if I just didn't see every single option I suggested just now.

Cryio · 7/11/2013
It's exactly what it needs to be

It's a simple clock. Black background, clear, sharp, big font. Hour, minutes and seconds. What more could you ask for?

Nelson · 9/25/2012
What's the point?

I thought that this would be a live tile that showed the time on the Metro start screen. Nope. That's all I wanted it for, I don't know what else it does but I don't care for it.

Mike · 9/14/2012
No Live Tile

Quite disappointing with no Live Tile support

Jacky · 2/3/2015
Does what it is suppose to do.

Maybe this app could have a bit more settings to tweak. It's pretty plain right now.

lion · 2/22/2015
my clock

feel fresh

Edit · 2/19/2015
Does Not Work The Way I Thought

A clock icon is displayed, but not the actual time. You have to stop what you are doing, and click on the icon to view the time. You cannot activate it for a live feed of the time. Not really all that great.

Kenneth · 11/8/2014
Exactly what I was looking for!

I wanted a clock at my desk but not really any place to put one. I have a second monitor and went looking for a way to set up a screensaver for it and found there isn't a way. Then I thought to look in the store and found this! This is perfect! Yes, more customizing would be nice, but this does the job I want.

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