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Niels · 6/15/2015

This app has become a complete joke. The new webportal is not optimized for mobile (I can't even get basic downloads/IAP info!) and this app does not work anymore. I thought we were living in a 'mobile first' world!!!!!??? I'm not even able to check my stats of my APPS THAT RUN ON A MOBILE PHONE, ON A MOBILE PHONE. Really a screw up, and it annoys me like hell. Please fix this ASAP!!! And add responding to reviews, adding people to BETAs and Wi,dows Store integration while you're at it.

Lovro · 6/8/2015

Can you please add caterories "reserved" and "upcoming payment" to Financial summary? Otherwise the application is great.

user · 8/1/2015

Post Review V8 runner

Tao · 7/29/2015
I have 0 on everything, this app DOES NOT WORK.

It's great, really, it's great.

Ahmad · 7/19/2014

Translations need tremendous improvement. Why is downloads count two days old whereas reviews are few hours old? There is no option to respond to user about their feedback. There is no option to flag feedback as inappropriate. Icons is apps that are changed never that updated here. Had to uninstall and reinstall. This app needs tremendous rework.

John · 6/6/2014

Can't log in, has been not working last few days.

Tak · 2/26/2013

Doesn't log in... Plz~ check it

Dale · 5/21/2015

Love this app! Makes it so much easier to see info about my apps. Although I've noticed, with a few other, that it will you sign in, again, sometime, but overall it saves a ton of time and satisfies my curiosity. Thanks Microsoft!

Owen · 4/30/2015

The app is great for the most part. One thing that I don't understand is that the total downloads in the highlights section is different from the total downloads that my app has (I've only published one app to the store so far). The number in the highlights has been 4 less than the number shown for my app under the "my apps" section for as long as I can remember.

Aki · 6/3/2015

Asks to login to often! Feedback email does not work. Would like to see reserved funds until the $25 limit is reached. Not all apps make millions :)