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Reviewer 6393 · 5/16/2015

This app works great. They fixed the crashing and it works just like it should! Thank you very much!

Reviewer 2736 · 2/16/2015
Windows 8.1 crash

I've used a lot of dictionary.com on both my web browser and iPhone, and It's been a great tool, I was excited to find it as an app on my PC, but the app will crash everytime I open it, they need to get it fixed and better tested before they make it downloadable.

micayla · 1/28/2015
What the *#$#?!?!

It keeps crashing upon opening. Until this is fixed, I will (and you, reader should too) find a different dictionary app. I am very disappointed with you, dictionary.com. I really like your dictionary and thesaurus website and wanted an app. Well, turns out, it crashes upon opening all the time! How am I supposed to find definitions and synonyms/ antonyms in one app? I hope another app has this function otherwise I'll just have to get two separate apps. SEE YOU NEVER AGAIN, DICTIONARY.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. The only reason I gave this stupid app a one star review is 'cause I have to. If I could, I would give it a NEGATIVE 5-STAR REVIEW!

Reviewer 7090 · 1/23/2015

As with everyone else that has encountered this problem and has written a review about it, when will the bug be fixed?? The app opens and within seconds, it closes. There is no ability to keep it open to search for any words. The app on my phone and PC works just fine, it's only the Surface Dictionary.com app that is the aggravation! PLEASE FIX!

Reviewer 7660 · 1/22/2015

I installed Dictionary.com on my PC running Windows 8.1. It will not open. Screen appears and then program closes. I have restarted Windows. Same result. Suggestions?

Adam · 1/21/2015
Huge Problem

The app closes within 3 to 5 seconds every time that it is launched. This makes the app completely useless. I am switching to another dictionary app, and I hope that it can actually be opened.

Kevin · 11/1/2014
Not a Dictionary

Simply wasted to look upon words. This AP is trying to hard. Just be a dictionary. Uninstalling.

Niki · 10/25/2014
I like it, but....

I think this is a wonderful app because it does a "word a day" to help expand vocabulary; however even after reading one of the other reviews on how to search for a word, I was still confused. The main reason I downloaded this is because I need to know what a word means, or why it is being used in the context it is. Because I am having difficulties searching for words, I am only giving it four stars instead of five

M R · 10/23/2014

why am I not able access the dictionary when I am offline?

Michael · 10/18/2014
Barely Functional

This app is very buggy and poorly written. I expected a quality app from a website as popular as Dictionary.com. Just by clicking on a "Hot Word" on the app's home screen, I caused the app to crash. You are better off just using your browser to go to their website. I wouldn't waste my time with this piece of garbage.



  • Over 2,000,000 unabridged definitions, synonyms, example sentences, and famous quotes.
  • Phonetic and audio pronunciation.
  • Favorite words and recent searches.
  • Popular searches and searches near your geographic location.
  • Dictionary.com’s famous Word of the Day that’s already enjoyed by millions of people.
  • The daily Hot Word reveals the fun surprises behind the English language.

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Fixed Bugs : - Word of the day displays as "NaN". - Clicking in the description of the Hot Word crashes the application.

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