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Reviewer 5324 · 8/17/2015

I have used this app many times and have written many entries, however the most current version with the ads obstructing my view is really disappointing and am now going to find an alternate app. See the silly thing is, the ad doesn't bother me, but the fact that there isn't an option to "x' out of the ad is just ridiculous. Your method isn't going to cause as many people to upgrade as it is going to cause more people to find a new app. Your logic is definitely flawed. Looks like I might go back to LiveJournal.

Benjamin · 6/30/2015
Needs some fixes but otherwise fine!😊

I really like this app! It would be 5 ✴ for sure if there weren't the adds! Also when I put in an event for the day it crashes, but otherwise its the best app I have seen out there!<3

Chris · 8/1/2015
Too many errors!

Anything I click on, an error message pops up. It's as bad as ads the way the pop up. It looks great and has potential, just needs a little work.

Reviewer 0034 · 6/2/2015

I really liked the setup and all. It had a lot more options than I wanted to use, but that's great. I actually uninstalled though, because an ad at the side of the writing was so invasive that it cut off the ends of all your words and you could not get rid of it. Fix that, and it would be a five star rating from me.

Reviewer 7199 · 5/18/2015

I just downloaded this app seeing how everyone else's review was so great. Wrong. Wrote 1st very good journal entry.. bam!! App froze up. Gone. 30 minutes of good writing. GONE. The app kept giving error messages. Do not click on any of the other tabs as that's what I did. I only wish I did not even need to give at least 1 star.

Reviewer 5476 · 5/24/2015
Lost all my previous entries

I used to like this app, but after an update, all my previous entries have been deleted. Don't use this app if you plan on writing anything that you want to read again.

Reviewer 8893 · 6/14/2015
Crashs when Saving

the app would be great if it didn't crash everytime I press the save button. PLEASE FIX!!!

Camille · 2/7/2015
Practical but not complete

Excellent to visualize your schedule thanks to the color code, the narration and notes :) Unfortunately it is not possible to delete events and this is pretty annoying. It is a great app but not totally complete due to the incapacity to make events by priority..

Melinda · 11/2/2014
Please update to work w 8.1 so I can purchase

This is possibly one of the best diary apps that I have seen on any of my devices regardless of the OS. Not only do I want to LOVE it, I want to BUY it with all of the extra features. The only problem is that only the diary function is working in 8.1. I can choose a photo but can't add it. Also, I can record a narration but am unable to add that. Please update this app. It's beautiful, simple to use, and would quickly be a favorite of mine if all of the features worked with Win 8.1.

zahid · 10/21/2014
Complete writing management resp of external audit

Complete writing management resp of external audit by 21st Oct, 2014



  • Password Authentication
  • Dynamic Calendar
  • Today’s Page
  • Narration
  • Images of the Day
  • Events of the Day

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