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vipul · 8/6/2015


Travis · 10/31/2013
It's just ads for shows...

...and other 1-minute clips. Loads of useless advertising content on here. Could be interesting as a short-video app, if they trimmed the blatant advertising from the content.

Alan · 8/11/2013
Has a few full episodes

Has a few full episodes to watch.

Cristi · 8/3/2013
Does not load content

A Discovery Channel app is a great idea... unfortunately this one takes forever to load content At the moment, it is unusable

Jen · 6/18/2015
same ol' stuff!.......grrrrgh!!

No new updates, episodes, clips, etc???, just bug fixes and optimization,eh? Soooo SAAAAHD!!!! HELLO !?!?! this is 2015! GET WITH THE NOW!!!!!

Deepak kumar · 8/21/2015
superb channel

discovery channel is my favourite.

Owen · 4/19/2015
This app would be great if it had more content

At the time of the review, there are only full episodes of naked and afraid, which is pretty disappointing. This would be a great app if it had episodes of more shows.

Peggy · 8/19/2015

Downloads, starts & then crashes.

Michael · 3/22/2014
A waste of Discovery's Money

Discovery had an opportunity with this app to make fans of shows like mythbusters happy, providing a place they could stream full episodes and know that the advertising would support the shows they like. However they have released a crippled and useless application that is nothing more than a TV Guide, something that if I cared to watch it on cable I could get online with a cursory search. I don't need an app for that... My recommendation to Discovery would be to realize that the cable romance is coming to an end, the sooner they begin to take advantage of streaming options the sooner they will have a larger audience and make more money. If that seems too radical because they are stuck in 1990 then they should just kill the app.

Jerry · 3/16/2014
Content Slow to Load

The content for this app loads really slow and sometimes never appears. I did swipe the settings charmed and clicked the clear cache button, but that does not appear to fix it.



  • THOUSANDS OF CLIPS: Check out custom-curated playlists, watch the hottest clips from all of Discovery’s shows, and check out behind-the-scenes content and aftershows!
  • SCHEDULE: Find out when your favorite show is on, and make sure you never miss an episode!

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