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Valerón · 7/31/2015

Good news client, but it doesn't handle multiple page article correctly, there's no way to view the subsequent pages other than the first one, no page turn button no gesture too... Can you please fix it?

sam · 7/24/2015
Beautiful App, Poor Content

The app is well made, responsive and easy to use however it is hurt by a lack of good content. This app should include a complimentary tinfoil hat.

Brad · 7/26/2015

This is what every Windows Phone app should aspire to be. Perfect in its implementation, excellent design and useful information make this app worthy of a 5 star rating.

Naveen · 7/29/2015

The best and the most informative app regarding everything around us..from space to humans..covers everything..Loved it.

Mohamed · 6/27/2015

This is by far the best designed app I have ever seen. It's simply amazing and a pleasure to use and navigate to the different sections. Someone should hire whoever made the app and make their design the standard for windows phone! It's similar to the CBS News app, which is stunning as well. The attention to details is incredible and greatly increases the enjoyment of using the app. Please developers and designers take notes, this is how you make your app stand out! I hope others follow this example!!

Charlie · 7/8/2015

Well designed app although the home screen does lag at first when I click on the app. Wouldn't mind if that was fixed. But other than that it's an excellent app.

Vinh · 6/18/2015

This is awesome! It's interesting, smooth and is a very good way to relax and learn at the same time!

Matt · 7/21/2015

Absolutely beautiful app. Works great!

Justin · 7/6/2015

Awesome app since the update. This is the epitome of what a windows phone app should look like. 5 stars. Very useful app too, great stories and articles.

Tunde · 6/22/2015

Great-looking app. Very polished, and awesome content and presentation too. The little touches and considered use of space and orientation are commendable. I wish more developers for Windows Phone had as good a sense of design.

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