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Reviewer 6949 · 7/27/2015
At last, a Windows 8 DRM reader.

Adobe Digital Editions does not play well with touch, but this app works fine. I wish I had found it sooner. My only complaint is that there does not seem to be a way to return books early to Open Library. Thanks for a great free app that adds a lot of value to my Windows tablet.

Reviewer 0712 · 6/7/2015
Worst App I have Ever Encountered

I have never bothered to write an app review before but the DL reader for Windows 8.1 is so horrific that I felt absolutely compelled to share. It is an utter joke. The page turning functionality works less than 30% time, and even when it does there is severe delays. There are no features beyond just turning the pages (can't even highlight). How it can be so simple and still completely fail to execute is beyond me. If I could give it zero stars, I would. In fact, it is squarely in negative territory. This is the only app I am aware of that allows me to read my epub book on a Windows 8.1 tablet, or I would have just ditched it and moved on. I hope for the sake of the company that I have a corrupted version, otherwise this app is doomed for utter failure. To quote Billy Madison, DL Reader I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

emmanuel · 2/27/2015
changed my review from 5 to 2

just realized that this app is available on IOs iPhone and android but not windows phone much less this app just went from 5 to 2 stars reason all the features I want are available on apple such as highlighting, creating your own color theme pages, sync bookmarks to other devices. On here the windows platform sadly its only for tablets and pc not windows phone. It only has all white page interface, no highlight, or change font. the only good positive thing I can say about the app that it supports protected epubs and pdfs and be able to safely read them. Until its updated like iPhone style I will give out the 5 stars

Phillip · 12/7/2013
Bad choice for Surface RT

Very slow page turning on a Windows Surface RT, and doesn't keep track of where you left off. That last part makes it worthless.

Michael · 12/3/2013
Great start!

So far this seems to work well with DRM-protected epub. There's not really any other option for Adobe DRM out there that is stable. Hopefully we'll see more formatting options, bookmarks, and note taking in the future. But, for now, this is fine for my needs.

Nicole · 11/3/2013
DL Reader

I love how easy it is to make the print larger. I would like it better if you could bookmark pages.

Reviewer 8510 · 7/10/2015

It is not responding at all once opened to a book and takes up to a minute to change the page

Bryce · 2/1/2015

No manual book mark option. Will not remember the page you were on when closing the book, it always starts back at the beginning.

Nirmal · 2/7/2015
Keeps on asking activate account use id and passwo

Keeps on asking activate account use id and passwod

Reviewer 9227 · 6/11/2015
only Win 8 app that works with Adobe DRM

can't find any other apps that will read Adobe DRM protected content on Win 8

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