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James · 7/14/2014

Great app. Does what belkin should have done. Sometimes takes a while to find devices, but totally worth it

Doug · 6/6/2014
Not Very Remote Control

I was able to get Dom to work on my home WiFi network. If found two Wemo devices and I could turn them on and off successfully. However, I could not find or operate those same devices if I was connected to the internet through a different WiFi or cell-phone data network. Am hoping the developers will enable that in the near future. I can connect to my home security camera from anywhere in the world by connecting to my router and using port forwarding. Why wouldn't this work with Wemo devices?

Hendrick · 5/27/2014

I am an admitted WEMO junkie and as such have several devices throughout my home. I have tablets that run on windows 8, IOS and Android. While I have consistently been disappointed with application options for windows8 and as it relates to WEMO apps, this app BEATS the bunch by a mile!!! PLEASE develop something similar for IOS and Android. It rocks!!!

Robert F · 4/25/2014
They fixed my biggest gripe!

Belkin seemed kind of hostile to control from a computer, but with this app I don't have to reach for my smartphone and/or I can use my surface to control the system. Anyone who uses their default iOS/Android app knows that any 3rd party app is also more reliable. Works great!

Reviewer 3021 · 6/8/2015
Works Well

Turns my We-Mo units on and off, very convenient.

Reviewer 7073 · 8/26/2015
Needs some work...

Having issues with device discovery. Glad to see there is a Wemo app out there....

TONY · 8/18/2015

Works as it should. Great.

Gerald · 8/5/2014
Remote control only from your network

APP work nice but.... it can only control from within your own network (so you can sit on the sofa and turn on lights etc from there) but not from an outside network nor the internet as the Belken Wemo app does. Of course, the Wemo app will not work outside the Apple system. Now if this (Domi) app were to address the outside networks and internet this would be an unbeatable app. I would like to see the app updated if possible for this to be done. Thanks to the developer.

Richard · 5/22/2014
Works even from my Windows RT based Surface 2

I have been very pleased using this app from my Windows 8.e desktop, but recently learned from the developer that it also would work from my Windows RT based Surface 2. I'm now using it from both devices and am very pleased. Big thanks to the developer for filling a big void that Belkin left for all Wemo devices!

Reviewer 6655 · 6/9/2015
Needs some more tweaks. Almost there.

Has hard time finding WEMO devices. But works fine once connected. Turn app off. Start search all over again.



  • Supports Belkin Wemo Switch, Motion, Lightswitch and Insight -- Once your device is activated, take control of your home like never before.
  • Supports Quirky Pivot Power Genius -- After activation of your deivce, Login with your Wink account and control your Pivot Power Genius locally and remotely
  • Customizable -- Change your devices name and icon for easy identification.
  • Discover, Sort and Manage -- Your devices can be controlled simply and easily.
  • Live Tile -- When background tasks is actived, stay updated on the status of your devices with a Live Tile.

App details

Version notes

Update 5: - Major changes under the hood - Improved wired network support - Better Live Tile experience - More responsive Wink devices Update 4: - New product supported: Quirky Pivot Power Genius! Once activated, Login with your Wink account to control your Pivot Power Genius from anywhere with an internet connection. - Rotation support. Thank you Neal and Craig for your for your feedback. Control your devices from any angle you please. - Enhanced startup. Now when you start the app, previously discovered devices will load instantly. The app will automatically search your network for new devices. - Improved discovery experience. This update fixes a bug affecting some users having trouble finding devices on their network. Update 3 (Spring Cleaning Edition): -Live Tiles! -New speedy start up -UI polished with elbow grease -More stable and reliable than ever before -Bugs exterminated Thank you for downloading! Please keep rating and sending feedback so I can continue to improve the app.

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