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Gordon · 8/25/2015
Very nicely done. Minor issues...

The interface is fantastic. And the developers are really responsive. Well worth the $$. Use it to mark up papers on a dell venue pro 8. Joy to use (really like the wheel menu). The favorites bar allows you to keep a number of pens at the ready... (minor UI thing: the trash icon is too easy, looks like you should be able to press the star... get rid of it?). When setting the opacity, it would be cool if overlapping pen marks didn't make it successively darker. The semantic zoom at min doesn't seem to work (the addition of the semantic zoom is great, btw). When switching to the semantic zoom display it should indicate what page was the currently viewed one. Eraser target is too small. Often takes me several tries to erase something. The real time feedback is gone, which would help with this. There is a new max documents open error - which I hit all the time which forces me to go through and close everything before, and then redownload and re-open. This would be 4 star otherwise.

Robert · 8/24/2015
Great App - Poor Windows Store Execution

The app is amazing. It is so versatile I no longer have to carry around 500+ pages of notes for classes. I use the app everyday in class from 7:30 to 4:30 and it uses barely any of my surface pro 3 battery. The only issue found is with the windows store. I started with the free trial and purchased after the trial expired. Unfortunately, every few days I am forced to uninstall and reinstall, while reconfiguring my preferences each time because there is a problem with the windows store that does not recognize my purchase. Drawboard and windows store are aware of the problem, but there is still no fix.

Rebin · 8/25/2015
I love it

well done who made it , it's fantastic. the only suggestion , is to make it like onenote, I mean to make it easy to open for notes as well. I gave up on oneone and I am using this now.

Uzodinma · 8/24/2015
Good app for writing notes on pdfs

I like the app because it allows me take handwritten notes on my PDF files, especially the PDF files that make up my lecture notes for school. It puts Adobe Reader to shame, in my opinion, because it gives you more options for annotating onto your PDF files. I can also say, just from only having one problem ever since buying the app, the support team is really good at giving prompt feedback and great technical support if you ever have any problems.

Reviewer 4506 · 8/22/2015

this is the best app for annotating your documents. as a humanities and science student, I often have to read 10 - 15 research articles or journals a week. I save so much time and paper with this app as I don't have to print each article or store them on the bookshelf later. It has so many different pens, highlighters, and underlying tools that I can easily color code my annotations (and the highlighting tool is great for my OCD since it keeps it perfectly straight inline with the text).

Kevin · 8/23/2015
Love 4.1 Improvements

Please integrate collaboration with other people - link OneDrive, share files, and track markups by user with layers. Allow me to flatten certain elements on certain pages. That would make it perfect.

Herold · 8/23/2015
Amazing App !!!

I Give a 5 stars to this app because it's just worth it, and guess what, I use it everyday for my Study need, working with PDF never been easy like that, I recommend any student, business people at any area, that productivity is a must for them to buy this app, because you won't regret it. And if in case you encounter some problem, just email the Draw board team, they will. resolve it for you fast.

Elizabeth · 8/25/2015
Well deserved low rating

Seems like they are trying to lie about features - the button is just there, but the feature is not. Bookmarks usually don't work - clicking the button crashes the app. Definitely does not support multiple tier bookmarks. UI is bad. Hamburger menu moves locations when you click it. Hard to find things - e.g. good luck guessing where to change views unless you memorize it - it is in some random tab. There is plenty of room for devs to put commonly used buttons - e.g. changing view. However, features that are not functional are hidden deep in menus, so you don't use them. For example, it takes 4 clicks before you can see the document's bookmarks - and there is a place to put the button right on the side menu, the obvious choice for devs. Also on the uservoice page for the app, are many bad bugs logged, but these don't get solved for many months, if at all, even if they make the app completely nonfunctional. Also no screenclip feature.

Alessandro · 8/19/2015
Please fix inputting text with mouse and keyboard!

I used to like this app, until I had to fill in a plain form. I don't recall previous versions being this bad (but my memory may be failing me): 1. Every text run you wish to create requires a 4 or 5 clicks, going through the stupid rotary control, that only makes sense with touch. 2. The text box doesn't reflow with text, requiring you to resize the box 3. Selecting elements on screen with the mouse is hit or miss. Require several refires so I can hit the right control. 4. Repositioning the text box also sucks - once you manage to select the text box, which is incredibly frustrating, as soon as move it the text content disappears, making you guess whether the box is the right position relative to other elements in the page. Please go over this very common scenario and revamp it, the current workflow is horrendous!

Clyde Eugene · 8/25/2015
Great app, still a work in progress

I like the UI & UX generally and I think for a paid app it wins on that front as compared to the free options out there (e.g. Xodo docs). Inking generally works well and document manipulation is great when it's working well. It does have some useful functionality though I honestly don't think it is miles better than the free options so if you can't afford to pay for this app Xodo should serve you well. It does crash every other time though and I think those are bugs that can be fixed with an update.



  • Toggle between using an activated stylus/pen and finger touch to perform annotations on the PDF
  • Open, Read and Save multiple PDF documents
  • Create new PDF documents of different size, orientation and page count
  • Radial menu with the following features:
  • Smooth and natural inking pen/stylus inking - change stroke width and colors
  • Eraser - also works on the back of the stylus eraser where functional, and right click on mouse
  • Edit, write, annotate, ink, draw on PDFs
  • Select tool to move annotations around the PDF
  • Shapes - cloudy tool, rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow and polygon on PDF
  • Text markup - highlighter, underline, strikeout, squiggly on PDF
  • All annotations have the option for varying colors, widths, opacities etc on PDF
  • PDF Bookmarks, Print PDF, Search PDF functionality and Share PDF using the share charm
  • PDF Markup History
  • Insert images and webcam snapshots on PDF
  • Change the layout and view modes of PDF, including night mode
  • Insert, Rotate and Delete PDF Pages
  • Flatten PDF Annotations
  • Open large PDF sizes
  • Insert sticky/popup notes on PDF
  • Undo/Redo PDF Actions

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Version notes

This release (4.1.1) This release is a significant update to Drawboard PDF, featuring a completely reworked user interface. For a full list of features, improvements and bug fixes, visit www.drawboard.com/changelog. **New Feature Highlights** - Completely revamped user interface with new brand color - Removed app bars - all menu items and app options are now in a brand new left-hand-side menu system, in preparation for Windows 10 design guidelines - Drawboard Online Premium tier no longer exists - Pressure Sensitive Inking and Audio Inserts now standard - No more 5-tab limitation - New rectangle cloudy tool - Laser Inking - it's like a laser pointer for your pen! This release attends to numerous bugs that you, our users, reported. For a full listing of fixes, please visit www.drawboard.com/changelog

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