• Toggle between using an activated stylus/pen and finger touch to perform annotations on the PDF
  • Open, Read and Save multiple PDF documents
  • Create new PDF documents of different size, orientation and page count
  • Radial menu with the following features:
  • Smooth and natural inking pen/stylus inking - change stroke width and colors
  • Eraser - also works on the back of the stylus eraser where functional, and right click on mouse
  • Edit, write, annotate, ink, draw on PDFs
  • Select tool to move annotations around the PDF
  • Shapes - cloudy tool, rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow and polygon on PDF
  • Text markup - highlighter, underline, strikeout, squiggly on PDF
  • All annotations have the option for varying colors, widths, opacities etc on PDF
  • PDF Bookmarks, Print PDF, Search PDF functionality and Share PDF using the share charm
  • PDF Markup History
  • Insert images and webcam snapshots on PDF
  • Change the layout and view modes of PDF, including night mode
  • Insert, Rotate and Delete PDF Pages
  • Flatten PDF Annotations
  • Open large PDF sizes
  • Insert sticky/popup notes on PDF
  • Undo/Redo PDF Actions

Additional information

Version Notes

This release (4.1) This release is a significant update to Drawboard PDF, featuring a completely reworked user interface. For a full list of features, improvements and bug fixes, visit www.drawboard.com/changelog. **New Feature Highlights** - Completely revamped user interface with new brand color - Removed app bars - all menu items and app options are now in a brand new left-hand-side menu system, in preparation for Windows 10 design guidelines - Drawboard Online Premium tier no longer exists - Pressure Sensitive Inking and Audio Inserts now standard - No more 5-tab limitation - New rectangle cloudy tool - Laser Inking - it's like a laser pointer for your pen! This release attends to numerous bugs that you, our users, reported. For a full listing of fixes, please visit www.drawboard.com/changelog

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Reviewer 2796 · 7/28/2015
Decent PDF Markup Tool But Needs Work

Decent PDF markup product for the money. The markup and annotation tools are good. The document navigation and access to menu items needs work. Also, the standard highlight feature will not work with items other than text in searchable PDFs. For all other items there is no way to select the item to highlight it. The app needs a highlight feature which will work with any entities in the document and that will put the highlight color in the background as opposed to the foreground. A major flaw with the app is the fact it will not allow you to combine or insert pages from other PDF documents. This is a basic feature and any PDF program and it is very disappointing that is it not available. Right now I am forced to use Adobe to combine documents.

mike · 7/28/2015
Great App!

I've used this extensively for frantic note taking and studying in PA school. It works perfectly on my SP3. I'm impressed with how it handles converted .ppts that are often 150 pages or so and have used it to take notes in digital text books that are 500+ pages. Really pleased! The functionality here makes all my classmates jealous. :) My one gripe is that since the (generally excellent) update, sometimes whatever I have just written disappears inexplicably and I have to rewrite it. Hoping that gets resolved quickly, but I still feel it deserves 5 stars; I've gotten such great use out of it!

Brian · 7/26/2015
Great App, Could Use A Few Improvements

As a new Surface Pro user, I was desperately looking for an app that was comparable to GoodNotes for iOS. This one comes pretty close, even beating it in a few areas. The main one that comes to mind is the ability to have multiple documents open at once. Small complaints: I'd like the option to highlight with the pen the same way that you can in OneNote. Also, every now and then it seems to take several seconds to load my annotations on a particular page which can be a real annoyance. Finally, I've noticed that while I can write near the edge of a page, I can't erase to the same point, which can also be troublesome. Overall a great app though! Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming!

Brian · 7/25/2015
Great PDF app - can still improve

Drawboard continues to be the best choice for PDF reading & inking on the windows 8 platform. This new version is quite nice, just use it and it's obvious why it's great. The major improvement I would make is to find some way of smoothing out the rendering when viewing in single page mode, non-continuous scroll. The app seems to render everything on the fly, likely trying to save battery life, but this provides an interrupted experience when flipping between pages in a PDF - it must pause and re-render every individual page. This should be a seamless flip - the goal should be to make flipping through a PDF as effortless and as clean as turning pages of a book!

Reviewer 1386 · 7/25/2015

This is a great pdf annotation app. After adding my favorite commands to the menu bar, it's very easy to use the various functions (mainly highlights and notes for me) that help me do my work. There are a few missing functions I'd like to see (or haven't found): view same pdf in duplicate windows and review text of notes in small window to rt. of file w/out having to click on the note in the document.

Reviewer 3254 · 7/24/2015
Good program

The best annotating program I have found so far. I use it to mark up floor plans on the job site. They made some changes recently that I'm getting used to, but so far it's good. I'd like to see a quicker way to get to documents. It would be great if it defaulted to the desktop or the one drive. I'd also like the ability to zoom in more - to get to small details on a floor plan and make notes. But in all - a really good program!

Reviewer 8763 · 7/26/2015
Drawboard PDF

The program worked great until it was updated today. Once updated, all my annotations disappeared (I thought autosave saves them). Also, the program, crashes when I change the pen setting to choose a different stroke size. Please fix these. Also, please bring the save button to the top menu layer as it is very importantbto have it handy to save the document.

Reviewer 9634 · 7/23/2015
Fantastic (not perfect, but still amazing)

I give five stars because Drawboard PDF allows me to annotate in a way that no other app on any other device will allow me to. Not only can I annotate any PDF easily using the Surface Pro 3 pen, but the tools are intuitive, and their application effective. Annotating with Drawboard PDF is the closest experience I've had to the ease of working with real paper (e.g., flipping pages quickly while writing notes and figures quickly) while giving me the benefits of working electronically. It's always been a great app, but they've come a long way since the early stability issues. The new 4.0 series of releases is phenomenal. There are a few bugs to work out, but they are minor so far. In fact, one of the strengths of Drawboard PDF is the active attention the development team pays to the user community. I have great confidence that Drawboard PDF will continue to improve albeit the app already being absolutely fantastic. I would buy the app again without hesitation.

Brian · 7/27/2015
Best PDF reader for Surface so far

This is the best pdf reader for the surface to my knowledge. You can free write with your Surface pen, highlight, underline, etc. Excellent for using in grad school. I love OneNote, but sometimes teachers give out large PDF files and this app works best for annotating directly on a PDF. I don't usually buy apps, but this one is worth it.

Reviewer 3032 · 7/22/2015
Very bad app

This app is horrible. Every time I take notes by clicking "Insert --> Text", it would SOMETIMES delete everything I type down. Before I downloaded this app, all my pdf's had crystal clear pictures. After I downloaded this app, all the pictures were blurred. I uninstalled it and the crystal clear pictures came back. Overall, this is one of the most frustrating applications I have ever used to take notes during my college career.

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