• Upload, download, browse, rename, move and preview all of your files and photos on Dropbox
  • Open, edit and save files from other Windows 8 apps
  • Share any photo, file or folder with the Share Charm
  • Find your files with the Search Charm

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New in this release: * Select files to upload and download * Easily get a link to a file, or share to other apps * Rename, move and delete files, or create new folders * Performance improvements

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Reviewer 1606 · 7/17/2015
Terrible change to a formerly great service.

We've used dropbox since shortly after it started and loved it until now. It seems like they wanted to do something new for Win8 so they changed things just for the sake of changing them so they took features that worked great before and made them harder to use or totally non functional. I can no longer update an excel file and then save it and you can't drag and drop files into DB at all. It still works fine on everything but new Win8 computers.

Reviewer 4003 · 7/26/2015
technical support

Having problems with drop box if someone could call me 904-591-5859 Unable to open files saved from my PC in my tablet??? thanks Ed Hartunian

Reviewer 9242 · 6/22/2015
love it, drop it here drop it there

you can drop it like its hot with this app!....and now you're all getting out your old snoop albums. i'm sorry. but yes this app is nice, functional, and its drop box in a offline app form. not that I use this app or dropbox all the time, but I do love it so its worth keeping around.

Sammy · 6/18/2015
Doesn't Let Me Attach Files From DropBox!!!

WTF this is like the reason an Win8 Dropbox app should exist. to work with the Share features in Win8. You cant attach any files in dropbox through other apps, its grayed out for some reason. Please Fix!

baris · 7/14/2015

Thank you dropbox for such a great and quality app. You guys make wphone valuable

Reviewer 4578 · 7/3/2015
Fine but...

- Share charm integration missing. - Unable to open some file extensions such as *.txt *.chm..... no option to "Open with".

Reviewer 4549 · 6/3/2015

Used to be great, but now the app, if I can call it that, is almost unusable as I have a ton of files and folders. The app is cumbersome, difficult to navigate. In comparison, OneDrive gives me a few ways to view the folders and files in an easy format. I'll be transferring all dropped box files and folders to OneDrive and Google Drive, unless something changes fast.

Reviewer 2900 · 6/26/2015
Dropbox stinks

Now you cannot install drop box without tying in your Microsoft account. I do not want to pay and I guess sit is time to find another solution.

Lucas · 5/18/2015

OUTSTANDING APP! Works really well! Great job Rudy Huyn! Except... 1) I can only upload photos through the app. Anything else, I have to use a computer. 2) Renaming a picture turns it into a read-only file. When I tap it, it says I need an app to view it. However, when I click the store link, it says there are no apps available. Please fix this bug! 3) When the app is running in the background for long periods of time, when I re-open it, there's just a blank white screen and I have to close the app and open it again. Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic app. It's just not five stars yet... But it's getting there.

Reza · 5/20/2015

My biggest problem with version 1 of the was that we weren't able to download a file to a folder I wanted on my phone. This has been fixed. Great job Dropbox and thanks for listening :)

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