• View the list of expense reports or unreconciled expenses.
  • Create a new expense report
  • View expense reports
  • Add expenses and receipts to expense reports.
  • Edit expenses to provided details about an expense.
  • Submit expense reports for approval.

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What’s new: • Enhanced expense report functionality • Now connects to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

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Cliff · 7/20/2015
Useful but convoluted UX

I'm happier with the app than without it, but the app itself is a mixed bag: - Good: Expenses are much faster to file than the Dynamics web UI - Bad: Non-intuitive UX, commands/features are hidden in odd places. - Ugly: The UI - lose the superfluous tile usage - please They need a UX designer and a couple usability labs with non-lifetime Dynamics users to give this thing some work. But, to the apps, credit, the Dynamics web interface is even less intuitive and useful.

Jakob Steen · 7/26/2015
Works well

Expense reporting isn't a favorite of mine, so I welcome this simplification. App can't make complicated internal policies disappear, but this is working well for me.

Reviewer 9364 · 6/5/2015
Can't Print but Overall Easy to Use

How do I print my submitted expense report? Workflow is challenging in some areas, not the flow I expected. Interface is designed to be easy to use with the convenient tiles. I'm used to the Windows 7 GUI, so this Windows 8 interface takes some getting use to. I suspect Windows 10 will normalize this a great deal.

Reviewer 7969 · 6/4/2015
Such an improvement

I have no understanding of why people would rate this app poorly. It is perfect for submitting expenses and SO MUCH BETTER that the web experience. I now no longer dread doing my expense reports. The auto connection to my Amex unreconciled charges streamlines expense submission. I can snap a picture, attach it from OneDrive of my receipts and off it goes. Thanx for the good work. Please keep it coming.

Sharad · 7/6/2015
non-intuitive UI

User interface and user flow is not intuitive to me. It's hard for me to copy & paste multiple values from past expenses into new expense reports (such as cost center, approver alias, interim approver alias).

Donte · 7/24/2015
Great improvement from last system...

The GUI is different at first, like most new products. After two expenses, the entire process became a lot easier. I love it.

Gabo · 5/8/2015
Buggy and awkward

Full of bugs, can't save 50% of the time, a productivity killer... needs serious testing. The UX is also awkward and needs better design and usability testing.

Justin · 7/22/2015
Crashing on Windows 10 for Me

Crashing on Windows 10 RTM for Me

Reviewer 8892 · 5/1/2015

My previous review complained that I couldn't import credit card expenses. Now I realize that this is possible.

Reviewer 0825 · 4/28/2015
No Information at all

How do I submit an expense report for my Manager? The App doesn't give my much information.

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