• Search, bid, and buy – all without leaving the app!
  • List and sell your items (currently available in: US, UK, AU, CA, DE).
  • New eBay user account creation.
  • Receive eBay app notifications about important eBay updates to your buying and selling activities.
  • Track your eBay purchases.
  • Leave Feedback for your eBay purchases and sales.
  • Stay on top of your shopping by pinning ‘Live Tiles’ to your homepage.
  • Share your eBay purchases and favorite items with friends, family, and followers through the Windows 8.1™ Share Charm.
  • Improved support info – let us know about issues, what you like, or want. We’re listening!

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Version Notes

New in version 1.6: * New and improved search with faster results. * More search refinements and a new search carousel. * Category browsing. * New personalized feed of followed interests and sellers to explore. * View a user’s ratings and recent Feedback. * Find your own user profile and Feedback via Settings. * Image zoom and new image gallery. * View bidding history. * Sellers in Germany may now list their items for sale via the app! * Support for the eBay Global Shipping Program. * Other fixes and updates.

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Reviewer 2344 · 7/13/2015
Novelty eBay app

I'm so sick of limited functionality simplistic tile design apps for all the shopping websites, eBay is no different, its confusing to navigate and uses screen space very poorly; the main reason for the one star review is how when I was looking through my recent purchases, I can just follow a link to re buy an item from the same seller, and even if I try to copy the item number it won't let me. So after thinking I'm just missing the link to buy it again and searching for 20 minutes I finally give up and use the website only to find not only can you do this on the website you can also see all of the pictures of the item, while on the app store you can only see the main picture... so to me it seem like this is just a novelty app to say its there. Whoever made this needs to take cues from the ipad or iphone app, both of those offer a better touch experience than the website, this one manages to be worse.

Andrew · 7/10/2015

App looks and works very well except for the fact it hasn't been updated in over a year. It's good for basic buying and searching but that's all. Please update and show a little love to your windows phone users.

mr · 7/6/2015

Leaves a LOT to be desired. Not nearly as complete as the Android or IOS versions. (I have used all of them.) If I attempt to list with this it will not save my postage weight, so I have to go into desktop version to fix. When I save a draft it doesn't even show in desktop.(The other OS Versions would sync with app.) Frustrating. Mobile app is supposed to save time... This app definitely does NOT.

Kevin · 7/25/2015

Love it ❤ the interface. Just 2 things: 1) Enable transparent live tile 2) Add the ability to make this app universal Please, update this app with this features!

Willis · 7/23/2015
Great app for tablets.

Easy to use. Loads fast. Easy to navigate.

Margo · 7/1/2015

While " make an offer" button is shown, it is not supported. That's a basic feature not included! Opposing bids can be hidden, what's up with that? I have made many purchases, and have found package tracking near useless, but info can transfer to better tracking tools when entered manually. Communication with sellers is very good, but this app does not have the competitive edge I sometimes need in adversarial bidding situations.

Reviewer 5415 · 7/2/2015
No add to cart support

Was 'looking to buy some stuff and in the iPhone version of the app said buy $25 or more and get 10% off. Could add to cart. Metro version there is no add to cart just buy now. Only good think about the app. It suppresses the 10% text on the product so you don't even know the discount is an option.

Aleksandr · 7/16/2015

Good app and easy to use!!!

Reviewer 0736 · 6/30/2015
I love the layout!

I prefer this app for viewing product to buy over the EBay site. It seems to have clearer picks and larger viewing. Sometimes it does take you back to the beginning instead of last item viewed. Posting something for sell is so much easier on this app. It does limit your options though. You can not edit your picks while posting. It started hanging up, so I uninstalled it and now I am reinstalling it. Hopefully it works.....

Reviewer 2137 · 7/21/2015

There is one distinct seller who , every few days, has seemingly endless of similar license plates for sale. I collect and buy plates and enjoy scrolling through for new plates to buy. It takes me a long time to get through his very long, sometimes over 200, array of SIMILIAR plates. Should there not be a limit as to the amount of items a seller can list at a certain time, maybe 50? Some of these arrays go on at prime evening time. Sorry to complain but just trying to make things more seller friendly. Regards, Jeff.

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